Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cancun, Mexico

the infinity pool at Sun Palace

We just returned from our 7 night stay in Cancun at the Sun Palace for our 10th Anniversary. We had an incredible time at this adults only all inclusive resort featuring infinity pools, a spa, four restaurants and a beautiful view. We stayed at a sister property, Moon Palace, outside of Cancun for our honeymoon and wanted to try a resort in the Hotel Zone for this trip. Many amenities were included in our package including in the room:
alcohol dispenser, sodas, beer, bottle water and juice.
We were also sent an anniversary cake and
a bottle of wine on three separate nights.

The jacuzzi within the room was a favorite at Moon Palace and continued to be so at the Sun Palace. Its a well appointed room but the bed was a bit hard. We had no other complaints on this room though!

Events are scheduled throughout the day if you're bored and can't come up with something yourself to do. Many joined in and had a great time with them - I choose to read, sleep and sit by the pool and do nothing most of the time rather than be active.

Of course, it is an all inclusive resort so the wait staff never tires of bringing your favorite cocktail to you while you lounge in the sun. They wisely put small amounts of liquor in the drinks so there aren't a mess of drunks falling in the water every day. All the classics were available but I'm pretty sure the guest favorite was the Blue Hawaiian! The swim-up bar was of course was the preferred spot for many.

The nightly entertainment varied but one of our favorite was the Michael Jackson show. The staff performed really well - yes, it was surprising. They didn't actually sing, it was all lip-syncing to the music but they definitely put their hearts in to the dance moves. It was obvious that they had studied the moves well and practiced alot. They showed a lot of skill and a lot of energy! It was nice of them to pose for pictures after the performance for us also . . .

Our other favorite was the Mexican Fire Show. The talent and the sheer nerve of the performers to dance and swing the various fire sticks around themselves as well as each other was purely riveting. We couldn't take our eyes off of them - I guess we thought they would singe themselves if we did, silly us.
We took the time to ride the city bus for $7.50 pesos (roughly $0.60) each to go downtown to Market 28, the famous flea market in Cancun. We didn't buy much but its always fun to see how well you can negotiate the price down to a reasonable level with the professionals. The lines the hawkers would use to tempt you into their stall were great... 'I have something special for you' 'You want tequila?' 'Come inside for just a minute' ...and the all time favorite... 'Come buy my junk'.

We also took an excursion out to snorkel at a coral reef one afternoon. While we've done this before, we were surprised to find that the guides would add to the experience in a new way this time. By putting a tortilla in a plastic bottle and filling it with water the guides can lure fish close to the snorkelers by opening the bottle and letting some of the mixture into the ocean. The schools of fish are now used to it and anticipate this from humans in the water and will come up and surround us. Some will even nibble on your fingers and toes! I thought this was a little unnerving at first but actually quite fun - that is until I realized my wife was nearly levitating out of the water in an attempt to flee the fish. Needless to say we shortened our snorkeling excursion.

Another excursion we took was to swim with the dolphins. We weren't sure about doing this at first for a variety of reasons but decided to do it eventually. I intend to post a blog specifically about that experience soon.

Our vacation to Cancun came to a close with an assortment of feelings. Its always difficult to say goodbye to a fun get away but we were also ready to get home and sleep in our own bed. We've become accustomed to our lives and find that we do feel blessed and happy in our every day lives. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Cancun. The head waiter, Levier, who we got to know a little was kind enough to take our picture at the outdoor steakhouse on our last night.

Our trip was a huge success for us. Try one of the Palace Resorts and judge for yourself.


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