Friday, January 22, 2010

Highland Brewing Company 15th Anniversary Celebration

Ice sculpture donated by Grove Park Inn for the celebration

Oscar Wong, John Lyda and the entire Highland Brewing Company team should feel proud of the huge outpouring of support for them at their 15th Anniversary celebration this evening. A great turn out and a lot of love!

Oscar and John receiving the Environmental Excellence Award

Everyone took part in enjoying the fun, pizza, beer and music. Around 6 pm, time was taken to present Highland Brewing Company with the Enviromental Excellence Award from Asheville GreenWorks. From its inception, Highland has been an advoctate of being a 'green' company.

Throng of Highland supporters

Congratulations Oscar and to the entire Highland Brewing team on this acheivement.

Cheers to many more years of brewing great beer in Asheville!


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  1. It was FINE! Lots of good people and great food( thanks to the Barleys crew. The spinach/ mushroom pizza was excellent) and wonderful beer and ping-pong and children and parents the band was a delight! Congrats to all who made this happen