Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The French Broad: Lesson of an Appalachian Table

Mark and Alisa

Mark Rosenstein comes out of hibernation with his newest evolution with 'The French Broad: Lessons of an Appalachian Table'. A food blog but also a site meant to promote upcoming culinary classes and tours. This will definitely be a hot spot for Asheville foodies to watch.

Mark, a local restaurateur, Chef, author, photographer, culinary tour host and businessman - often considered one of the father's of Asheville's local farm to table movement. He has owned two nationally recognized restaurants - The Market Place is the latest which was recently sold to Willam Dissen. Mark is never idle for long so this newest incantation he is delivering should be no surprise to us.

Mark's 40 years in the kitchen and an avid proponent of incorporating foods from the region give him a unique ability to not just teach people to cook but demonstrate how to find the right foods from a local market or even the forest. This is not a solo venture for Mark, meet Alisa . . .

Alisa recently moved to Asheville from Dijon, the city in France north of the Burgundy region. Not a stranger to food, wine and the culture of both; her background is varied in the United States and France. An explorer at heart, she is known to have bicycled from Mexico to Canada among her adventures. With degrees in Marketing and French studies she was well prepared to bridge the gap between the two countries and garner experience on both sides of the ocean. She is fluent in English and French and has incredible experience in the wine business in both countries.

Alisa is known to Mark as the 'French Broad', but also this region of the French Broad River that Mark has explored for years is another reason for the name of the site.

Their stated goal is "to multiply the opportunities to connect with this noble land and continue a sensory exploration worthy of Southern Appalachia heritage".

The upcoming classes and tours will be posted on pages within this site offering flexibility and the opportunity to truly experience the culinary culture of the French Broad.

Full of distinctive prospects for the foodie in you, don't miss a chance on one of the classes.



  1. Thank you Asheville Foodie! I just found your blog and am really enjoying your posts on FB. I have a B&B in Asheville so promoting Asheville's many food options to my guests is getting exciting and your blog is providing lots of info.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and very happy you found the blog. I appreciate how you promote the local food scene through your B&B!