Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Kinah: Happy Valentine's Day

Just before performing Steve & Gloria's wedding

Who would have ever thought that by moving 500 miles from the cold plains of Indiana to the inspiring mountains of Western North Carolina, starting my life over in a whole new day in my life, attending a church I'd never heard of . . . that I would find my soul mate from northern Louisiana and make her my wife!? Redundant question, yes, but unbelievable to me nevertheless!

My baby likes to golf

Shekinah Glori Douglas Schwartz is an amazing person anointed by God and one of the most unique individuals you will ever come across.

At Brandon and Melody's wedding

She is a boot wearing, motorcycle riding, sword wielding woman who is unafraid to speak her mind.

Styling at church

Kinah (as she is typically called by friends and family) is a God fearing woman preacher that can tell a story and keep you riveted just as her voice can amaze you when she sings.

Her current motorcycle

I am so amazed that we were meant for each other.

On the cruise

I am blessed because you said 'yes' and that we are each other's love.

Posing during a hike

Kinah, I feel lucky to say that you are my wife.

Isn't she beautiful!

You are full of life.

Holding Miles

You are beautiful.

We love living on our mountain

You are unique . . .

. . . and you are mine!
You are my Valentine.
Happy Valentine's meine kleine Liebe!


  1. This is the sweetest thing I read all Valentine's weekend. You two are perfect together and she is one of the most memorable people I have met in my lifetime. Happy Valentine's Day K & K :D

  2. She's a keeper all right, I love her - thanks Gail, thanks Dan!

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