Saturday, February 6, 2010

Restaurants Face Tough Times with Winter Weather

Typical wintry scene in Asheville lately

Local businesses are facing tough financial times early in 2010. The recession has taken its toll on many in the past year. Bank accounts have dwindled and profits have been slashed especially for smaller locally owned restaurants. Foodies tend to be a positive resilient pack that are hard to knock down - at least for very long. This is why for Ashevillians there are an abundance of value options in the region. All you have to do is to go out to your favorite local hot spot and look at the menu or specials board.

The challenge now is the constant winter weather alerts that frighten folks from heading out the door to get a bite to eat. Many wait until the weekend to splurge on a night out - but with so many snow and ice storms hitting on the weekend, well the next picture gives you the idea . . .

Fill the Seats at your local restaurants!

Restaurateurs have been experiencing too many empty seats and need more locals to consider dining out in February on Monday thru Thursday nights. Weekends tend to fill up anyway when the weather is good, so if more of us could plan a dinner out Monday thru Thursday we can help out some of our great local dining spots. I'm not asking for people to spend more, just take the money you would have spent on one of the storm weekends when you were stuck in your home and splurge on a week night.

If you're not sure where to dine, three great sites are listed below for you to use as a reference:

Thank you for your support of the local food scene in Asheville!


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  1. Thats so sweet..i love promoting local business too and yeah ofcurse that doesnt mean i dont favour globality...i sure do.....