Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Honor of the Tesner Family Serving in Korea

Desi and Rayne
Today, Easter Sunday, I had to say goodbye to my two god-daughters. They are Desi Tesner and her daughter Rayne. Both are my god-daughters and I am very proud of them. Desi's husband Joey is serving in Korea. They have been separated more than they've been together in their short marriage. I have the privilege of holding Rayne more than her daddy does. But that's about to change.

They have finally been granted permission to join Joey! Its a prayer come true to reunite this young family. I am thrilled that they will begin their life with each other once more. But, I'm heart broken as well. Not to see, or hold or (as granny Debi says) smell them will be hard for all of us to learn.

Military service is always a difficult thing that can leave many of us feeling small and useless. One thing I can do is to tell you about them and to ask for your prayers. For the Tesner family and for all our military families. Remember them. Be proud of them. Thank them!

The entire family is in service not only the one who went to boot camp. The ones who remained to raise the family, to pray for their loved one and to wait impatiently for the day when they can be together again.

With that I give you what I can - a few words in honor of the Tesner family:

Military Family – Separated but in Love

Into service our young head
To protect us from danger, onward they tread
Patriotic and brave
To do or die and to un-slave
Mighty and strong
We remember them in song
They sent us a word
Of safety we’ve heard
In God do we trust
Because of man’s awful lust
To war and the fray
While home we must stay
But what of their family
Are they less or are they free
They are tied to a post
Not knowing which nation will host
Service they are in
But never signed with a pen
With blood are they bound
To their loved one on the ground
Their service indeed is silent
While knees in prayer are bent
Lonely it will be
Until together again are we
Please hear my song
To you I belong
With love forever strong

Be safe and remember that your godfather loves you very much!


  1. This is such a BEAUTIFUL post Kevin! When we were stationed overseas growing up it is some of my happiest yet bittersweet memories. They were incredible experiences but so hard to be that far away from family. I will be praying for all of you. How blessed they are to have such a wonderful godfather!

  2. Thanks Gail. My brother was in the Air Force and while it was difficult to see him often - my two girls heading out is a little tougher. Appreciate your prayers for them as well as the extended family.