Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lunch Dining on the North Side of Atlanta

On my recent trip to Atlanta visiting friends, they introduced me to two restaurants that I haven’t tried before. The home town type of favorite that anyone can expect their friends to love and want to show off to guests. They are very different, they aren’t perfect, but they both offered delicious lunches that still make my mouth water.

The first is Brookwood Grill and I was told that I just had to order their specialty and my friends’ personal fav – soup and salad. Surprise, didn’t expect that did you!? When you order you have your choice between Fresh Mixed Greens or the Brookwood Caesar as well as choice of Soup Du Jour or French Onion. Taking my friends’ lead I ordered the French Onion soup and the Mixed Greens with vinaigrette.

The French Onion is very traditional and served with lots of cheese on top. The broth has the right amount of richness and starts the lunch off great. We have a large dinner waiting for us at Bacchanalia so I tried to be good and forced myself not to finish the soup. The salad arrived and it is served heaping in a large bowl and was certainly a meal in itself. The pièce de résistance is the croissant that is served with the salad. Served warm and with a sweet honey drizzled over the top, it was melt in your mouth fantastic. I could have eaten a dozen of them!

I can’t tell you about the rest of the menu at Brookwood Grill at this point, but I can tell you if you want a great lunch North of Atlanta, this is the stop you will want to make. But just in case, soup and salad aren’t on your personal menu agenda, I’ve got another suggestion for your lunch again on the North side.

Taco Mac is not quite what you think. I imagined tacos of all sorts and sizes, but nope guess again. They specialize in Buffalo wings! Who would have thought? But it’s not just the wings that will have you driving into their parking lot – try the immense selection of beer that they offer on draught and bottle (well over one hundred, maybe two!). And if you’re a frequent drinker, they offer the ability to track what you have already tried so you can keep working through the choices. Just hand the server your I.D. and receive back a printed list of all that you have tried previously. This is a very clever way of helping the guests to remember what they’ve tried so they can go back to a favorite or proceed to another style.

The wings were delicious as well, but my friend suggested requesting them crispy otherwise they may come out that way. A small price to ensure they arrive crispy if that’s what you prefer. There are many styles and degrees of ‘hot’ on the wings so you merely need to order your desired wing. I went with Habanero BBQ as well as Original Buffalo Hot. Yes, they were a little spicy but that’s what the beer is for.

Two good lunch choices for you to try on the North side of Atlanta - which will you visit?

Good luck and happy dining!

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