Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tree's Drive-In - Berne, Indiana

I moved to Berne while in the Fourth Grade so I went from getting my coney dogs at the A&W Root Beer Stand (known locally as Bummies) in Bluffton to getting them in Berne at Tree's Drive-In.  Either one is a hit for me and I love reliving my childhood by stopping in and ordering a coney dog or two along with a nice cold mug of root beer, what could be better!

The choices at Tree's were to stay in the car and order and the food would be brought to you and hung on a tray from your window, park in the back and sit at the picnic tables on the North side or to order your coneys to go and take them home with you.  Any way you ate them they were delicious even given the fact that when you ordered them to go, the coneys on the bottom of the bag would get smashed.  It didn't really matter, they still were great.  I know I'm going on and on about them, but I just came back from Berne and was able to fit a couple in as a snack between lunch and dinner.  Yes, I tend to over eat when I'm trying to relive as much of my childhood food haunts as possible.

The coney dogs always come wrapped in wax paper.  You can order them with cheese or onions or some other addition, but I like'em in the bun with just the dog and the chili!  The fries are good also with a nice crunch and crispy texture.  My youngest brother, Chris, says that the onion rings are the best at Tree's.  You can order a number of other items that I'm told are wonderful, especially the cheeseburgers.  I stick with the coneys though.

Now, don't forget about the chilled mug of root beer to top off the whole experience.  Remember that if you order the root beer to go, drink it within a couple of hours because it will go flat and that would be a waste of delicious root beer.  I love that creamy texture and buttery flavor of A&W root beer!

I can't wait to head North again to get another fill of these incredible coney dogs along side my favorite root beer.  My mouth waters just thinking about it!

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