Sunday, July 4, 2010

Restaurant Reviewers BlogRoll

Asheville Foodie has been added to the Restaurant Reviewers BlogRoll!

The first BlogRoll exclusively for Restaurant Reviewers. It's a great way for us to create a community of foodies who want to share their experiences, opinions and suggestions on restaurants where we dine.

It's also a great resource for people trying to decide where to eat, especially if they're not familiar with an area they'll be visiting.

Requirements to be on the Restaurant Reviewers BlogRoll:

The blog must display the blogroll somewhere on the blog where it can be found. Once a month each blog in the blogroll will be reviewed and the blogs from the blogroll that aren't displaying it will be deleted. The reason for this requirement is to meet the goal of promoting restaurant review blogs, the blogs need to link to each other. It drives up the Google rank and the Technorati rank.

It must be a restaurant review related blog (at least 75% of posts are restaurant reviews).

The blog must be at least 1 month old with at least 4 posts.

The blog must be updated frequently and regularly.

The links in the blogs on the blogroll will be periodically checked to ensure that blogs are functional, displaying the blogroll and updated. If these criteria are not met, the blog will be deleted from the blogroll.
Join by submitting this short form:

Fill out this form and submit it.

I found out about this blogroll through a friend's blog who has a passion for the food scene, her original post can be found here.

Foodies and restaurant reviewers are unique folks that have a passion for food as well as for sharing their experiences with others.  Look for restaurant reviewers in the Restaurant Reviewers Blogroll.

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