Saturday, December 18, 2010

Amish Peanut Butter Creme Spread

This is a spread that we grew up eating when going to any large Amish gathering.  From funerals to weddings to family reunions, we would find this in bowls down the middle of the table next to platters of sliced bread.  We just helped ourselves.  Funerals and weddings took place in the home of one of the family members and without enough space to feed everyone at once.

Long tables were set up with chairs down both sides.  In the middle of the table were the bowls of peanut butter creme spread, platters of sliced bread, bowls of pickles and then a variety of whatever else the family thought appropriate.  We would go through the food line to fill our plates, grab a glass of water, coffee or tea and sit down when it was our turn.  Women volunteers would be available to assist with refills on the beverages while we ate.  When we finished eating we picked up our plates and glasses, filed out and the next group of family to be feed would come through.

This spread is a nice addition to any gathering large or small.  It's also a big hit for kids - we loved helping ourselves to this, making our own sandwiches and cleaning our plates with something we knew was special!

The recipe is simple:

16 oz    Peanut Butter Smooth
13 oz    Marshmallow Creme
2 cups   Light Corn Syrup

Combine all three ingredients into a bowl and stir until mixed well.

I hope you like it and that your kids enjoy it as much as I did growing up!

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