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Grandma Schwartz - Legacy and Recipes

Grandma Schwartz
On Friday, December 20, 1907, the following was listed in the paper under 'Marriage Licenses':
John P. Schwartz, Peter Schwartz, his father and Jacob C. Schwartz his father-in-law to be, appeared at the clerk's office early Wednesday morning and asked for a marriage license for John, aged thirty-one and Barbara J. Schwartz, who lacks three days of being sixteen years old.  The blanks were filled out, but when they were asked to either swear or affirm they balked.  The matter was taken before Judge Merrymam, who authorized the clerk to write upon the application that the statements made were true.  This was done, the groom received his papers and the three men walked out of the court house with a pleased, contented look upon their faces.

As Amish, they could not swear and were timid to sign upon that request.  Once the Judge assisted and the license signed, the rest is family history.  Barbara married John on December 24, 1907.

She was born on December 20, 1890 in Allen County, Indiana and was the daughter of Jacob C. and Veronica (Graber) Schwartz.  John was a carpenter and they were members of the Old Order Amish Mennonite Church.  John is my Grandpa and Barbara my Grandma on Dad's side of the family.  John passed away when I was two on December 11, 1966 and Barbara died on October 8, 1976.  They were parents to 20 children (one of which was a foster child).  My Dad, Solomon B., was number 13 born on February 4, 1925.  Almost all of the children had the letter 'B' as a middle initial in honor of Barbara.

I don't remember Grandpa but I do remember visiting Grandma many times in Nottawa, Michigan, she lived with Uncle Abe and Aunt Lydia Mae.  I remember her as a kind eyed quiet person.  There was always alot of great food at any family gathering, whether a drop-in visit or a full fledged family reunion.  Our family, the siblings and descendants of John and Barbara, began meeting once a year to hold a family reunion in 1961.  On June 25, 2011, we will hold the 50th Schwartz family reunion in Berne, Indiana.  I always look forward to these events, not only for the food, but to visit with all my family that arrive from all over the country.  The family can look forward to a Schwartz Family Cookbook at the reunion.  Click here for more details on the 50th Schwartz Reunion.

The Schwartz family has a long history of intense family ties, helping others, giving to those in need, rich belief in God and getting together to eat!  This is the first installment of family recipes from Grandma and her Schwartz children.  At times, there will be little explanation of what to do with the ingredients - so if you're not family and you don't get it . . .ask.

Grandma Schwartz's recipe for Whooping cough or croup
Place a few lemons in oven and bake until soft.
Squeeze out juice and thicken with sugar.
Give 1 teaspoon every 2 hours.
For small babies use a little less.

Grandma Schwartz's Mince Meat recipe
1 pk green tomatoes
1 pk apples
2 lb. rasins
2 lb. sugar
1 cup tallow
2 tab. salt
2 tea. cinnamon
1 tea. cloves
1 tea nutmeg
1 cup vinegar
Boil until apples are soft to can

There you have the first two.  Yes, they are strange recipes even for me.  But you'll be prepared if you ever get the croup.

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  1. They were my great grandparents on my maternal grandmother's side. (I'm Lil's Barb's oldest.)I remember them well. I can still hear Barb's voice.