Sunday, February 20, 2011

Papas & Beer Restaurant Review - Asheville, North Carolina

Papas & Beer Frozen Margarita
On my first visit to Papas & Beer last year I thought I was making a risky decision.  I heard both good and bad reviews of the popular Mexican restaurant.  Since they opened a new location so close to my home I felt that I needed to give them a chance. 

My wife and I visited on a week night and were a little surprised that there was a wait.  That must be a good sign, right?  Well, it was and it wasn't.  I liked the food and the prices.  Service wasn't very good though, it was slow and the server seemed to have anything else on his mind other than be in that restaurant.  We had a couple conversations after that experience on whether we would go back or not.  I get hung up on service sometimes.  We decided it was worth a trip back.

As soon as you are seated a server brings fresh hot tortilla chips along with the perfect accompaniment of a warm bean dip with just the right amount of cumin.  The chips and bean dip are refilled throughout your meal ensuring that no one will leave hungry.  Along with this is a salsa bar which is actually a choice of salsa or various sauces.  Enough variety is offered that everyone will find a new favorite to pair with whatever they order.

Table side guacamole
One of the menu items that continues to draw us back again and again is the table side guacamole.  We loved it so much that it inspired me to write a post on guacamole (AshevilleFoodie Guacamole Recipe Post)!  It is fantastic!  We get it spicy with lots of fresh diced jalapeno every single time.  Order it, you'll love it, and it has a great price.

From the Fajita to the California Burrito to the Shrimp Taco, the food we have experienced has been fresh and delicious.  Considered to be more Cali-Mex, you won't be disappointed in what you order.  The commitment to fresh ingredients is apparent.  Many dishes offer the typical choice of bean, chicken, beef or pork so you can make your perfect selection.

In case you hesitate to visit because of service issues, please note that service has continued to improve.  I believe they are realizing their guests want the improved service and are taking steps to increase service for us.  The server during our last visit was the best server we've had to date.  She was personable, knowledgeable and anticipated our needs.  One of our party was also celebrating her birthday and we were sure to let the staff know.  While there is no rhythm or noticeable tune that I could decipher, the staff is very enthusiastic about recognizing birthdays.

Birthday celebration with staff singing and a sombrero
Papas & Beer is another must visit spot in Asheville, North Carolina.  Try them for a special occasion or for just a night out.  Either way, it won't break the bank and you'll have a great Mexican meal.

Contact information:

17 Tunnel Road
Asheville, North Carolina
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1000 Brevard Road
Asheville, North Carolina
Papas & Beer on Urbanspoon

1996 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, North Carolina
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1821 Asheville Highway
Hendersonville, North Carolina
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