Thursday, March 31, 2011

Suwana's Thai Orchid in Downtown Asheville

Suwana's store front at 11 Broadway in downtown Asheville
Located in Asheville, Western North Carolina, Suwana's Thai Orchid offers authentic Thai cuisine.  With the combination of authentic cooking styles, the freshest ingredients, and a diverse background in Thai cuisine, Asheville's Thai Orchid offers a unique and fresh take on Thai cuisine.

Head Chef, Suwana Cry, has been a restauranteer and chef for many years and in many locales. From the three restaurants she has had in her native Bangkok, as well as Africa, Indonesia, Louisiana, and now Asheville, Suwana Cry brings Western North Carolina the authentic Thai flavor to great acclaim.

After a love for cuisine and for culinary creation, Suwana Cry found her calling as a restauranteer and chef. Her talents stem from her ability to fuse high-quality ingredients from various other ethnic cuisines into the warm, smooth, and savory flavors of Thailand. A mixture of attention to detail, dedication and a balance of spice and sweet - Suwana's Thai Orchid will give you a culinary experience to remember.

Our experience with Suwana's food has always been great.  I tend toward the curries with a bit of spice and my wife leans toward fried rice with chicken.  If you are in doubt about having too much spice then order cautiously.  You will get a spicy when you ask for it.  Its always better to come at it too mild and build on it than to over estimate what you can handle and never taste the delicious food.

I love the creamy texture of the curry dishes but also the overall quality of flavors from any dish that either of us have ordered.  I've never been disappointed with what I order.  The restaurant itself is understated, yet offers a view to the street life of downtown Asheville.  Its always interesting to see who or what will pass by the windows.  But if you don't have time to stop in and dine, then take out is your next best choice.  Either call and pick up or through Valet Gourmet who will deliver directly to your doorstep.

Another wonderful independent restaurant that Asheville offers.  Another good choice to make when you're hungry for Thai.  Another reason Asheville is our Foodtopian Society.

Contact Information
11 Broadway
Asheville, North Carolina  28801

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  1. I always forget about this place, but it's pretty good. I agree to go with the curries. In South Asheville, Little B's is also good for take out.