Friday, April 15, 2011

East Village Grille and THE BEST Tiger Wings Ever!

I'm ready to disclose a family secret with everyone. For years we have been heading to a Monday night get away to treat ourselves. While I've mentioned this to family and friends from time to time, I've not posted a blog or mentioned this secret to anyone publicly. I'm ready to let everyone in on our secret.

You may or may not have heard of East Village Grille on Tunnel Road across from the Veteran's Hospital. That's not the secret though or at least not all of it. They have wings; more specifically they have Tiger Wings! If you’ve never experienced it, this is a giant wing, battered, deep fried and tossed in tiger sauce which is a spicy sauce with a sweet tangy side to it. I love traditional Buffalo Wings, but Tiger Wings have stolen a bit of my heart!

East Village Grille Tiger Wings
Now for the rest of the story…
Monday nights are discount wing night! Wings are $0.50 each!!!!
I know, fifty cents each! WOW !!!

They are jumbo giant massive size wings, the kind that look like they came from a flying brontosaurus. The crisp exterior keeps the meat moist and delicious. Are you getting the idea? Do you understand what I’m saying!? These are the real deal. These are the wings that you’ll write about to your cousin twice removed with the mole on his lip. These wings are delicious!

Yes, EVG has traditional Buffalo style as well as Garlic Tiger style. No, I’ve never tried either of these. It’s hard for me not to order the one and only Tiger Wing!

By the way, East Village has a full menu too with Greek and American foods including ribs, chicken, fresh seafood, sandwiches, burgers, gyros, etc. I may not have had anything else on it, but I’ve heard tell that the rest of the menu is spanking too. My wife usually orders a sandwich on wing night so her and her dad can split the sandwich and 10 Tiger Wings. They sit over there yum yumming like the sandwich can out perform the wings, but for me – I stick to the Tiger Wings. They love to try a different sandwich each time and revisit favorites from time to time. I suppose one day I’ll try something else on the menu besides the Tiger Wings but I’m not sure when that day will be.

Cheeseburger Sliders
A friend of mine told me that I’ve got to try the EVG pizza because “it’s fantastic”. I said I would. That was well over a year ago. I lied. I want to try it because I love pizza. I love me some Tiger Wings even more though.

East Village is a great unassuming locale that most tourists wouldn’t blink at as they are driving past heading to Black Mountain or the Blue Ridge Parkway. That’s good news for us locals though, right!? The German beer stein collection has always been a little bit of a mystery to me, but they do look cool. There are televisions everywhere so those on the Sports Bar side can always keep up with their favorite game. Parking can be at a premium, especially on Monday night wing night. It’s worth the trolling to get in there for the Tiger Wings.

Fried Mushrooms
Nick, the Greek owner, is a great guy. He is a foodie at heart with a love for wine, especially Champagne. I like his style! Any foodie with an affinity for wine is a friend of mine after all. Nick has created the locals’ bar in Asheville. Good booze, good beer, good food, good friends, good atmosphere. What more do you need?

I leave it up to you to keep my family secret. The only thing I ask is that you please, please, please don’t make me wait too long for a table when I’m there!

Contact information
1177 Tunnel Road
Asheville, NC 28805-2032

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  1. The Tiger Wings are good but the price is not .50 anymore, there food is good but I wouldn't say great and they are pricey, the service is not that great on any visit that I have had.

  2. We go there about Two Sundays a month. (Extraordinary bloody marys with GLAZED BACON. Order thr BM, then follow with a "Mystery Beer" chaser to rnix an amazing Michilada. Service is 90% spot on, except the odd day there's a sports thing going which we wouldn't have anticipated. Then it's packed and things move slower. But it's cool. Tiger Wings are most unique on earth. Try them. Also exceptional is the (surprise!) potato salad. Oregano, onions, chunks of potatoes in an eggy dressing. Like no other. EVG is an unpretentious local gem that's sweet to discover. Go discover it.