Monday, May 9, 2011

Beer City USA Poll 2011 Results - Asheville, NC Wins Again !

First Asheville, NC and Portland, OR share the title and receive Beer City East and Beer City West.

Then Asheville, NC threw down the gauntlet and won against Portland, OR to win the title Beer City USA.

Finally, Asheville, NC unfortunately demoralizes the Portland, OR beer community and wins the title again of Beer City USA.  Portland came in third with San Diego, CA besting them for second place.  Congratulations San Diego!

Rumors prior to the 2011 Beer City USA poll said that Portland was going to purposely throw the poll.  That's a shame.  Sure, if I lived in Portland I would be upset that an upstart little town on the East Coast polled so well.  Hopefully they will move past that to celebrate the USA beer culture - Portland, OR is an extremely importand aspect of this!  But you're not alone out there - we have reason to celebrate USA beer culture across our country.

Asheville once again has reason to be proud of their win but more importantly of the beer culture that is triving in this town.  If you are not from Asheville - consider this your personal invitation to come celebrate with us and find out what all the fuss is about.

Poll Results
Beer City USA 2011 - What's your pick? (Poll Closed)

Asheville, NC 46.68%
San Diego, CA 15.83%
Portland, OR 9.97%
Bend, OR 5.47%
St. Louis, MO 3.66%

Milwaukee, WI 2.61%
Philadelphia, PA 2.44%
Seattle, WA 2.24%
San Francisco/Oakland - Bay Area, CA 2.13%
Chicago, IL 1.91%

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