Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day To All The Foodie Mothers

To all those wonderful foodie mothers that deserve nothing but the best.  May your Mother's Day 2011 be filled with your favorite treats with someone else doing the dishes!

Mom called this morning before I was out of bed.  That's unusual because on special occasions and holidays she normally waits for the calls from everyone in our large family and remembers what order we called her.  I try to be at the top of the list but don't always succeed.  For her to call, just seemed too good to be true!  What did I do to deserve being at the top of the list and a phone call to me instead!!

I answered the phone and said good morning and Happy Mother's Day!  She said, "You were still in bed weren't you?" and giggles.  I admitted that she woke me up.  She then proceeds to thank me for the roses.  I didn't send roses and know this is a trick of some sort.  So I said 'what roses?'.  Mom tells me, "The roses you didn't send me."


She laughed and thanked me for the card that I did send which apparently had roses on it, hence the joke.  It was too early for me to really even understand English yet, but I laughed along with mom thankful for being the first call for Mother's Day 2011.

So - Don, Robert, Steve, Sonja, Kim, Anthony, Dave, Chris and all you dozens of grand kids - MEH !  Buy her a card and send it next year if you want to keep up!

Don't you just love family rivalry.

Back to Mother's Day...

Mom, I love you and I am very thankful that you do love a good joke, that you love to cook, make wine, experiment in the kitchen and love to try new things!  Thank you for all the little things and the big things you did to make each of us feel special.  I hope this is your best Mother's Day yet!

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