Monday, May 23, 2011

WNC Chefs Challenge Quarterfinals Week Four: Knife & Fork VS. Chef Stephen Sauer

Posana Café won the competition in the third week of the WNC Chef's Challenge Quarterfinals on May 16 against Sunburst Trout Company.

Congratulations to the Posana Café team led by Chef Jordan Arace and team!

Quarterfinals Week Four Challenge
The final challenge in Round Two is tonight, Monday, May 23 between Chef/Owner Nathan Allen of Knife & Fork and Chef Stephen Sauer.  Tickets are still available for this final competition in Round Two of the Challenge.  I will be a guest blogger for this so join me at Cucina24 to watch, taste and judge this week's Chefs.  The competitions each Monday are held at Cucina24 on Wall Street in downtown Asheville, click here for directions.

At each heat, two teams are given a secret ingredient to be featured in their culinary creations. Diners enjoy six dishes – three from each team – but are not told who has made each course. The diners then score the dishes using the same guidelines as a professional food critic to determine who advances to the next round. The top two competitors will face off during the finale at the Asheville Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting in August. The WNC Chefs Challenge offers a unique way to participate in the pressure-filled environment of a world-class culinary competition.

Time: 6:30 PM
Price: $49. (excludes tax, beverages, and a 20% auto-gratuity that will be added to each final bill)
Tickets: Click here.

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