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Family Reunion - Will my family judge me on what food I bring!?

The oldest and the youngest present at the 2010 Eicher Reunion.  Ruth Schwartz (my mom) and Baby Eicher (unfortunately I don't remember the little cousins name, sorry).
Yes, I will be judged for what food I bring!

Its family, why wouldn't they.  You grew up with your family letting you know what they thought about everything you did - from how you dressed to what friends you hung out with.  Family always reserves the right to let you know exactly what they think without pulling punches.  You do the same to them and you enjoy it.  I've heard that its the reason some folks have children, so they can pass on the same as they received from their parents.  Pessimistic?

Yes !

Family reserves the right to be pessimistic when it comes to their family members.  Why?  Because they know you.  Every mistake.  Every flaw.  Every bad decision.

So why would I go to the family reunion?

Is it just because you're trained to take the abuse from family?  Or is it because you want to give back to other family members what you received?  Perhaps its because you want to show them how successful you are?  Because you have a new recipe to try on them?  Got a new blouse to show off?  Created a new offspring, child, cousin, hatchling, etc, etc to parade through the family?  Maybe its because you just do not know any better?

Whatever the reason.  You go because its your family and you love them regardless!  So go and make the best of it.  Let'em know our successes and failures, your weaknesses and faults and every morsel that they can possibly use against you.  Bare your soul.  And enjoy the time with the ones who will listen to all your crap and love you in spite of it all.  Give them all a hug and let them know that you love them too.  It'll be a year before you have to do it again, you can do it!

June in our family means family reunion.  Not one, but two of them.  They aren't even separated, they are back to back weekends at the end of June.  Every year.  Sun or rain.  No matter what.

Dad, Solomon B Schwartz, married Mom, Ruth Eileen Eicher and begot nine (yes 9!) children.  But the story begins prior to that.

Dad's parents, John P & Barbara Schwartz, and Mom's parents, Samuel E & Emily Eicher, decided to gather the family together each year.  Not together.  Each family decided to do so at different times to provide a vehicle in which the extended family could come together on a regular basis.

Over the years and the multitude of different locations around the mid-West, the family eventually elected to keep it more central around the town where most of the family lived.  Besides there was some redundancy between the two families.  Your not stupid, figure it out.  So for those that wanted to attempt to travel from a long distance and attend both reunions having them on back to back Saturdays at the end of June became the norm for us all.

The last Saturday of June each year is the Schwartz reunion and the second to last Saturday each year is the Eicher reunion.  Both take place in the pavilion at Lehman Park in Berne, Indiana.  Makes it fairly easy to remember when and where.

So for those family reading this . . .

Grandpa Eicher (sorry I couldn't find one of Grandma too)
Eicher Family Reunion
June 18, 2011
11:00 AM
Lehman Park Pavilion
Berne, Indiana
Bring whatever food you would like.

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz (photo taken in 1961, the same year the Schwartz Reunion began)
Schwartz Family Reunion
Facebook Event Page
June 25, 2011
11:00 AM
Lehman Park Pavilion
Berne, Indiana
Bring whatever food you would like.
This is also the 50th Anniversary of the Schwartz reunion!  Yes, that means it did start in 1961.  Which makes it a whole lot younger than I thought it was now that I realize it began a few years before I was born!

The family background on both sides of my family is Amish (Read more about the Amish).  Or check out a couple of Grandma Schwartz's recipes:
Whooping Cough Recipe and Mince Meat Recipe
Laxative Recipe

What fun!  Nothing like an old family recipe to get you in the mood.  Its family reunion season so get out there and dredge up all the ugly old past with the rest of your family and enjoy your time together!

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