Friday, September 16, 2011

The Chop Shop Butchery to Open Soon in Asheville, NC

The art of butchery has declined drastically over the years.  I remember helping my family butcher a pig and a calf every fall along with chickens and fish throughout the summer.  The meat was prepared for us to eat fresh as well as frozen, canned and cured supplying our family food during the following year.  But over the years our family, like many others, just quit doing it.  Along with this many community butchers closed up shop in lieu of the larger more 'customer convenient' grocery stores.  For convenience and profit, the cuts offered have been relegated to the most popular in most of these stores.  This is not meant to knock the family butcher we have at some grocery stores.  Rather it is meant to preface our need for the community butcher that can revive the 'lost cuts' and specialize in this fading art.

The Chop Shop posts the following on their FB page:
Asheville's first whole animal butcher shop featuring meats from locally sourced farms who are committed to sustainable, all-natural farming practices.

We will feature custom cut meats, a variety of house made fresh and smoked sausages, charcuterie, and many more things to come....all with the personal service of a traditional neighborhood meat market.
The Chop Shop promoted and attended the NC Choices The Carolina Meat Institute's two day butchery workshop at A-B Tech in Asheville, North Carolina featuring Master Butcher Kari Underly.  The workshop was offered as a means to offer educational opportunities locally.  Look for more from A-B Tech in providing a continuing education resource to Western North Carolina as well.

This was Kari Underly's second visit to Asheville.  During her first visit last year she demonstrated her skill as part of the Brady Lowe's Cochon 555 hosted by Denny Trantham, Executive Chef of The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa.  Kari's book The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional's Guide to Butchering and Merchandising is the finest book on  butchery that I've seen.

Coming back to The Chop Shop, it appears that the art of butchery has been finding its way back to Asheville and I look forward to having these specialists as part of our community soon.  They chose a wonderful location on Charlotte Street right next to Blue Water Seafood Company and the City Bakery as well as just down the street from The Wine Studio of Asheville.

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Until they have other contact information available see The Chop Shop Facebook page.

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