Saturday, September 17, 2011

Schwartz Family Cookbook

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Schwartz Reunion that was held this year on June 25 at the Lehman Park Pavilion in Berne, Indiana.  Along with t-shirts, hats and pictures, the Schwartz Family Cookbook was released during the reunion.

Nova Brill, daughter of George and Lil Blount, organized, coordinated, proofed and printed the cookbook for the family.  A huge undertaking with over 500 hundred recipes in this book and hundreds more awaiting a possible second edition as well.  A huge debt of gratitude belongs to Nova for this project.

Since the family has shared so many recipes over the years, Nova tried to list them only once.  Several of the recipes have slight variations and a few of those variations are listed in this book.  Aunt Nancy's potato salad (page 34) recipe is a great example of one a recipe that many of us have and use.

Along with the shared family recipes, there are many recipes that some of us have been wanting to get from each other that have been included.  The long wait is over and we have the long awaited hard to get recipes!  Mom's sausage gravy recipe (page 186) falls under this category and is listed as the Deli Sausage Gravy with my name attached to it.  Its her recipe though and the same one we used when we served it at the Swiss Deli.

For those of you who did not get a book yet, there are still some available.
Send $12.00 ($10.00/book + $2.00/shipping) per book to the below address.
Be sure to list your return address.

Schwartz Family Cookbook
46951 78th Avenue
Decatur, Michigan 49045

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