Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountain Harbor Inn, Dandridge, Tennessee - Weekend Family Getaway

View of Douglas Lake and the mountains from our suite.
We enjoyed another weekend retreat at our favorite mountain lake destination Mountain Harbor Inn near Dandridge, Tennessee.  The first Asheville Foodie post about Mountain Harbor and Dandridge referred to the first trip my wife and I took to this great lake get away.  This latest visit was a family retreat to celebrate my mother-in-law's 50th birthday.  No, she is fine with me telling that.  She doesn't look or act it!

View of the kitchen and the loft
The suite we reserved is called 'The Condo of Rich and Famous' offering three bedrooms (one in the loft), three bathrooms plus an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, kitchen and dining room attached to a large living room as well as a private outdoor patio.  The suite has a private entrance and offered lots of privacy for our family.

Kinah and I choose this bedroom so we could have a ceiling fan
Each bedroom has a king size bed for you to enjoy and each bed is different along with the color scheme in each room.  Our bedroom offered windows looking out two directions and was very spacious.

Jed and Nancy chose this bedroom
This beautiful room was in the interior of the suite just off the master bathroom and a walk-in closet.  Jed liked this room because of the lack of windows so he can sleep in the dark.  Yes, I know.  But that's just how it is.  The room is beautiful with a private chandelier adding to the feeling of decadence.

We saved the loft bedroom for Levi and Katie.
We figured the newly weds could use a little space from the rest of us. 
Another reason for Levi and Katie to have this room is the 36" spiral stairwell that you climb to get to the room.  Its very cool but we elected the younger couple to the climb.  While the bathroom was at the bottom of the stair, the feeling of privacy for this room added to the nuances of the loft.

Even though the weather turned a little chilly and overcast, we did find a sunbeam or two.
This is a view of the lake and mountains from our private patio.
The private patio outdoor seating and six person jacuzzi was perfect for us.  It had an incredible view overlooking Douglas lake, the Smokey Mountains and the sunset.  The weather was perfect with a slight chill of a breeze cooling us down as we soaked up the heat from the sun and the tub.

Cloudy sunset our first night
What an amazing sunset!  We didn't think there would be much of a show but it turned out to be a truly gorgeous sunset.

Jed and Nancy on the sunset cruise with Mountain Harbor Inn in the back ground.
The sunset cruise on one of the pontoons from the Mountain Harbor Inn is always a high light.  This is the coldest cruise we have taken on the lake, but MHI provided throws and hot chocolate.  Billy, the owner, gave us the history of Dandridge, Douglas Lake and Mountain Harbor.  We saw Kenny Chesney's lake home too!

Levi, Katie, Kinah and myself.
You can see Billy the owner of Mountain Harbor Inn and our Captain for the sunset cruise at the helm.
We did have to huddle together a bit to keep warm once the boat turned into the wind.  What a great excuse to cuddle a little!  We had fun together listening to Billy's stories including the connection the area has to the Manhattan Project that took place in Oakridge, TN.  Its the reason Doulas Lake exists!

The sun peaked through on our chilly sunset cruise
Beautiful sunset with streams of sun beams coming through the clouds on our chilly evening boat cruise.  We thought about skipping the cruise because of the weather but we were happy to be rewarded with these views once we decided to go.

Nancy showing off her signature dessert our first night
Mountain Harbor Inn is also known for their signature desserts offered to all guests between 6:00pm - 8:00pm every night in the dining room.  There were four to choose from and all were delicious.  Our first night we ate them prior to heading out for dinner at Angelo's.  But on the second night, the staff kindly took them to our suite for us to enjoy after dinner at Southern Comforts Cafe.  We also took the staff up on having smores on the main deck!  It was cold but fun!


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  2. Glad you liked the photos. I hope you take the time to stay there, relaxing atmosphere and beautiful area.