Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Contest at Grove Park Inn Offers Impressive Showing from the Professional and Amateur Categories

A few dozen pumpkins and tons of creativity
Every year The Grove Park Inn offers a pumpkin carving contest for employees.  There are two categories, Professional (culinarians usually) and Amateur (everyone else), that sign up to receive a free pumpkin and a chance to win one of several cash prizes in each category.

Fun, scary, light hearted and more
Each year shows off the creativity of the GPI employees and what perhaps is on their minds! The pumpkins are set on display in the North fireplace in the Great Hall (lobby) of the Resort for guests and employees alike to enjoy and to fill out their vote.

Even a quote from Albert Camus (French existentialist and philosopher)
You would think that there could be a bit of duplication every year or perhaps the same employees win every year, but that's just not the case.  Each year offers a new generation of pumpkins with seemingly more imaginative ideas.

These days the pumpkins aren't just carved ... they become a main ingredient in a piece of art
The time and effort that goes into this friendly competition are part of what inspires the fun that the Halloween holiday brings to the Resort and around Asheville.  Halloween - its not just for Jack-o-lanterns any more!

Yes, a pumpkin does rest at the heart of the candy corn fish!
While there were many activities and events over the weekend, there are some reserved for the night of Halloween itself!  Check the list of haunted and family events on the Explore Asheville site.

I Asheville and the Asheville Skyline - seems a great theme for a Halloween carved pumpkin!

Now for my favorite Halloween quote -

Halloween is the best non present gettin' holiday ever!

Happy Halloween!

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