Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rosepepper Cantina, Nashville, Tennessee

As we were passing through Nashville, my brother-in-law took us to dinner at Rosepepper Cantina and Mexican Grill in East Nashville located on the corner of Chapel and Eastland, just minutes from Five Points.  We sat indoors but Rosepepper is also known for its large outdoor patio.  The dining room and patio are both filled with a variety of lights and artwork offering a vibrant busy energy to the dining experience.

Rosepepper specializes in a culinary style from the state of Sonora in Mexico.  Sonora style is a type of cooking that encompasses both the classic ingredient of Old Mexico (corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes) as well as a wide variety of influences that are part of the country's cultural history.

Ingredients and styles were introduced from the Orient, the Mediterranean, the Near East, France, Austria, Italy and even from America in the mid to late 1800's. The first brought spices to the cuisine followed by the European cooking influences and lastly the Americans who eliminated the "heat" from the spices but leaving the intense flavors. Rosepepper takes these basics and brings its own unique modern twist loaded with flavor.
Along with their unique delicious food, Rosepepper offers an award winning margarita - voted the "Best Margarita" in Nashville for nine years.  Well, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by to test out the voting public of Music City!  I wanted to try Josiah's Finest but finally elected to go with the Casa Margarita to see what everyone was talking about.  We ordered frozen and mine with salt.  Arriving in a frosted beer style mug with a handle and the bottom quarter of the drink did not look frozen, I wasn't overly impressed at first.  I got over that pretty quick though.  It is a wonderful margarita with a bit stronger orange hint to it than most house margaritas.  I liked it, for a house (read here:  NOT top shelf) margarita, it drank really good.
Overall, a good experience in my East Nashville Award Winning Margarita Sonora Style Mexican Restaurant.  They keep at it and you won't be able to describe them at all.  The eclectic menu has something for everyone.  So the next time you have a layover in Nashville, take the time to visit Rosepepper.
Contact Information
(615) 227-4777
1907 Eastland Ave
Nashville, TN 37206

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