Wednesday, October 5, 2011

White Duck Taco Shop Restaurant Review

White Duck Taco Shop at Hatchery Studio
Since posting about the opening of White Duck Taco Shop in late May, it has been one of the most popular posts on Asheville Foodie this year!  So I was looking forward to finally making it to White Duck for lunch last week.  Even my in-laws made it there before I did and they were the ones to take me on our way out of town for a family weekend getaway at Mountain Harbor Inn - read about it here!
White Duck Menu Board
When you walk in the door you find the counter and menu board directly in front of you.  It is a small menu and you are to order at the counter before finding your seat.  Seating is in one of two areas indoors or at the picnic tables with umbrellas outdoors.  The food is brought to the table for you.  Under the menu board the small kitchen is visible with staff and owner, Laura, preparing the meals for diners as they order.

Jerk Chicken Taco with purple slaw and pineapple
We ordered several different tacos and shared with each other.  The Chicken taco offers nice a nice spiciness set off by the slaw and pineapple.
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Taco
The Buffalo Chicken taco has medium spiced chicken with ranch to cool drizzled over the lettuce and tomato.  Make note that each taco offers two small soft tortillas with which you can split the ingredients and create two small tacos for every one you order.  A great way to share your taco with a friend.
Bangkok Shrimp Taco
The Bangkok Shrimp taco is sweet with a touch of spice topped with pickles and carrots.  This unique combination is different but works together wonderfully!  I loved it.
Fish Taco with pico de gallo and slaw
This is actually the taco that I ordered.  Grilled fish paired with fresh pico de gallo and slaw.  This tasted very fresh and thoroughly enjoyable.  We dined at one of the picnic tables outside.  I went back in for some hot sauce and Laura, the owner, noticed and offered me some of her house made green hot sauce.  WOW, it was great!  With various peppers including Asian peppers, habaneros, jalapenos and more.  It is very hot but offers a fresh spicy flavor with a hint of citrus.
Crispy Chicken BLT
The Crispy Chicken BLT was as good as the rest with fried chicken, crumbled bacon, shredded lettuce, diced tomato and a spiced aioli.  Its a beautiful BLT.
Mexican Chocolate Pot de Creme
To finish our lunch we shared the Mexican Chocolate pot de creme.  A velvety dark chocolate topped with house made whipped cream with cinnamon and sugar.  Its full of flavor and delicious.

After we were through I thanked Laura for her hot sauce while bragging on it.  She is a very nice genuine person and obviously very proud of her taco shop.

This is another must visit restaurant location and my first review of one of a restaurant in River Arts District (RAD).  Asheville's up and coming River Arts District is a fun and very tasty place to visit.  Be sure you take the time to do so.

Contact information:
(828) 258-1660
1 Roberts St. Suite 101
Asheville, NC 28801

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