Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Make Meringue

A nice topping to so many things including your favorite cream pie recipe.  It is very easy and needs very little preparation.

Meringue Recipe

2  Egg Whites, medium
1/4  tsp Cream of Tartar*
   *A pinch of salt can be substituted if you do not have Cream of Tartar on hand.
3  Tbl. Sugar
1/2  tsp. Vanilla

Whip the egg whites into a froth.

Add the cream of tartar (or pinch of salt).  Whip again until they can stand in peaks.

Beat in one tablespoon of sugar at a time.  Do not overbeat.

Beat in the vanilla.

Spread on pie and bake to brown for color or 10 minutes to cook through (depending on how thick it is on the pie).

That's it!  You can now make a phenomenal meringue for your pies and desserts.

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