Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Love Pizza and I Love Pizza King

Pizza King was our local pizza joint when I was a kid. Of course back then we didn’t have all the major brands that we do these days. I still remember when Pizza Hut opened and we all marveled at the idea of pan pizza. But when I visit Indiana there a few restaurants that I try to make it to and only one pizza joint – Pizza King! It is a small chain residing in Indiana, but I’ll forgive them the chain status just to have my deliciously satisfying trip down memory lane.

While there are hoagies (which they call submarines) and other such pizza house menu choices available it’s always pizza for me. The original thin crust if you please and give me my favorite pie of all time the ham and barbeque (Open Pit no less)! It wasn’t enough for my family to just reminisce over a Pizza King pie and old times, an entire new generation of Pizza King pizza lovers is on the loose – and guess who loves ham and barbeque!?

It’s hard to believe but you know kids can be finicky. There was a short span during my childhood when I decided that I didn’t like pizza any more. Liked it fine before but just apparently decided (I don’t remember why) that I didn’t care for it. So after about a year of dealing with my pouting when at Pizza King, my brother Robert made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Voila! And Pizza King was there to recover the ashes of my love for pizza. I’m eating pizza again and it becomes a life long hobby for me. Brothers! What would we ever do without them!?

Pizza King Royal Feast
The Royal Feast has always been a family favorite as well. It’s like a supreme or any other pizza that is loaded with many of the most popular ingredients like pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushrooms, red and green pepper. Now one thing to get set in your mind is that all the proteins at Pizza King are ground or in small little chunks or cubes, even the pepperoni. My wife, who grew up eating the pepperoni discs like most of the US, doesn’t particularly care for pepperoni like this. I am doing my best to convince her that this is the way pepperoni was meant to be eaten though – just like I learned in my youth.

One more difference Pizza King has on most pizza places is that instead of the pie slice that most places give you; Pizza King slices their pizza crisscrossed to give you small squares. I don’t mind a pie sliced pizza but I can not even imagine attempting to eat a Pizza King pie that way. It just isn’t done.

Price is not an option. It can’t be if you want Pizza King pizza! The prices tend to be high to astronomical compared to the bulk of the chain brands out there. You won’t hear of a $5.00 pizza waiting for you to pick up. But if you dine at any New York style pie joints, the price is comparable. It’s either the ingredients or the New York love that is tossed into each pie that drives the price up.

Regardless, I’m taking time to stop at Pizza King and enjoy my favorite pie and my next trip down memory lane.  Following are my three favorite locations.

Contact Information
(260) 824.4956
114 Water Street
Bluffton, Indiana 46714

Pizza King of Bluffton on Urbanspoon

(260) 589-3515
836 US Highway 27 N
Berne, Indiana 46711

Pizza King of Berne on Urbanspoon

(260) 368-9878
320 South Main Street
Geneva, Indiana 46740

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  1. I live in Florida, and will be going home this weekend to visit the family (mom is 87 years old).
    A Royal Feast if the first think I'm going to eat. I also want to get a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, but Pizza King will be my first choice!

  2. Love, love, love that pizza! I was just there in June and had half Royal Feast and half ham & BBQ - makes my mouth water thinking about it, haha!
    I wanted to get a breaded pork tenderloin also but ran out of time - amazing that you can't find that delicious sandwich anywhere else!
    I'm jealous but hope you had a bite for me!