Monday, November 28, 2011

Its Time for Some Moonshine! Troy & Sons Distillers is Ready to Provide it!

When everyone's friend Popcorn Sutton died, many feared that the end of moonshine was on the horizon.  Well, that may be a little dramatic but who would have thought that moonshine would soon be created legally in Asheville . . . and by a woman!  Without trying to sound like a bigoted guy about a woman making moonshine, its just that it was so unlikely.  Not only is a woman making moonshine in the South but she found a way to create a good product besides.
Popcorn Sutton
Meet Troy Ball.  Yes, Troy is a woman.  Yes, she is making moonshine as well.

Troy describes herself as a life time equestrian, a mother of three sons, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, a real estate broker, green developer and one of four women distillery owners in America. She opened Troy & Sons distillery in Asheville, North Carolina in June of this year.
Troy Ball
Along with her husband Charlie, sons Marshall, Coulton and Luke as well as Oscar Wong and Frank Moretz; a team was built to open the distillery.  Of course this happened after Troy researched far and wide and back in time at numerous shines and recipes to create her perfect recipe.  To make her shine unique as well as a quality shine she located two 'secret' ingredients.  Well, not so much secret as just plain unique.

The first is white Crooked Creek Corn.  Here is what Troy says about it from the Troy & Sons website:
The corn had become virtually extinct everywhere except on the McEntire Farm...believed to be lost from Eastern Tennessee since 1840. Crooked Creek Corn™ is an heirloom open-pollinated white corn that has been grown on the McEntire farm for over one hundred twenty years. Analyzed by researchers at the University of Tennessee, this "lost corn" is an unadulterated, non-genetically modified original American corn, making our moonshine a true American spirit.
The second secret is actually a bit more widely known yet seldom used for legal moonshine - pristine mountain water.  Water from the Blue Ridge Mountains, considered the world's oldest mountains, is used to create the moonshine.  It offers a pure base to build upon for this local shine.

Initially the distilling took place at the McEntire farm but in the Spring of 2011, the day came to move out of the homestead. Troy & Sons joined partner Oscar Wong, founder and owner of Highland Brewing Company, one of the South's largest craft brewers. They opened the doors to the relocated, and much expanded, distillery. Located in the former Southern Railway Wheelhouse, the new space houses a custom-made 2000 liter copper Kothe Still and state of the art distilling equipment needed to produce high quality spirits. Charlie is now the master distiller, while Troy focuses on marketing, publicity and business growth.

Located in three thousand square feet of space, with an office and tasting room, Troy, Charlie and the crew run six distillations a week. John McEntire continues to run the still two days a week starting at 4am. His presence and skills remain critical to operations.

Highland's extremely popular Tasting Room is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, featuring live music and local cuisine, and Troy & Sons is open for tours and tastings on those nights as well. The trains are gone, but the old timey traditions and fine spirits are here to stay.

Troy & Sons Moonshine has won the Silver medal at this years' 2011 New York International Spirits Competition!
Oscar, Troy and me
Troy and Sons are off to a good start.  Look for additional products coming from them in 2012 such as aged shine that clearly boasts citrus notes perfect for your martini as well as oak aged shine that will interest the bourbon and scotch drinkers in switching over to shine.  For now enjoy their moonshine straight with a bit of a burn or in your favorite cocktail.

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