Monday, December 5, 2011

Apollo Flame Restaurants and Their Famous Greek Salad

I love the Greek Salad at Apollo Flame!  I get stuck in a rut at many restaurants and will order the same thing every time I dine there.  At Apollo Flame its the Greek Salad and the hot Italian Sub - enough for me to take leftovers home and have a second meal later.  The menu is the same on both locations and is large enough for anyone to find an old or a new favorite on it.

Apollo Flame has been around Asheville for some time.  Here is a brief history from their website:
In 1974 Arthur Poulos "Papa" (1920 - 1996) opened his first restaurant with son Yiannis Poulos. Our family recipes have been passed down for three generations. Yiannis has worked in the restaurant business with his family for 35 years and has been at 485 Hendersonville road location for 20 years (original location) and our restaurant is still family owned. 
Voted #1 by Mountain Xpress readers 12 years in a row, this hall of fame winner now boasts a second location on Brevard Road (run by Poulos' cousins Jimmy and Chris) and family recipes handed down from Poulos' grandfather.
"Quality, service and low prices" is Yiannis' recipe for success, he says. They also get a good jump on the competition: "we start at 6:00 am. We prepare everything fresh daily - everyday !"
I've been dining at Apollo Flame since I moved here 20 years ago.  Until I read the history, I just assumed that they were always part of the Asheville landscape.  Little did I know we kind of began Asheville together!

The Greek Salad has been a favorite for several reasons.  It tastes great, its over sized and massive, it has a great price ($5.95), it lets me add the amount of dressing I like, it lets me take home leftovers, it has perpperoncinis, it has lots of Feta and I like it!  Sounds like reason enough.  The last time my wife and I went in she suggested that we share the salad.  Not exactly what I wanted to do (since I love to take home what I don't eat) but I agreed to share.  Marriage is about loving her enough to share my Apollo Flame Greek Salad, right!?

The Famous Apollo Flame Greek Salad
Don't forget about the hot oven subs to go with the salad.  I choose the Italian ($6.55 for small and $7.60 for large) every time.  It includes Genoa, Salami, Ham and cheese topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and house dressing of course.  Fresh and hot out of the oven it becomes my perfect pairing with the salad.  Choose the size based on how much you want to take home with you.  I'm sure some folks go ahead and finish their plates.  I'd rather not stuff myself so full and besides I get a second meal out of it.

The feel of both restaurants is more like a diner but service is usually pretty fast and friendly.  The food is consistent so I don't have to worry about what's coming.  I know it will be good every time.

If you've never been to Apollo Flame or its been a while - stop in and have their famous Greek Salad soon.

Contact Information

Apollo Flame Pizza
(828) 274-3582
485 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28803

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Apollo Flame Bistro
(828) 665-0080
1025 Brevard Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28806

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