Monday, December 5, 2011

Asheville in Top Ten 'Best Food & Wine Destinations' from TripAdvisor

This is what TripAdvisor says about Asheville.

If you’re into eating locally and supporting sustainable agriculture, go to Ashville—and eat, eat, eat. This town of less than 100,000 people has 17 farmers’ markets, and the local restaurant scene is all about taking advantage of seasonal produce. And don’t miss the area’s microbreweries.

Asheville recieves top honors along with major metropolitan areas like New York City, San Francisco and Chicago!  See the top ten list here.  There must be something about the South because Charleston and Savannah are on the list too with New Orleans receiving top billing!

You don't have to go far in Asheville to hear a Chef, server or restaurant owner talking about the local food they have on the menu.  And you don't have to be online long to hear someone talking about the foodie scene going on in Asheville.  There's a diversity in this small city that offers a little something for everyone.  The good news is that it keeps getting better.

Congratulations to all the Asheville Foodies out there!

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