Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cinnamon Kitchen Indian Cuisine in South Asheville

We met a couple, good friends of ours, for dinner recently.  They suggested Cinnamon Kitchen and honestly I couldn't place it at all but agreed.  Indian sounded great and I trust their judgement after all.  When we drove up to the restaurant which is located within Gerber Village in South Asheville, I recognized the store front.  I had to admit to my wife and friends that I hadn't paid close attention to the sign and assumed (because of its name of course) that it was a bakery specializing in cinnamon rolls.  Sounded logical to me anyway.

Our friends have eaten here several times so I was looking forward to a wonderful Indian dinner and time to relax and catch up a bit.  Its a small restaurant that has nice decor.  It seems a little more modern than a lot of Indian restaurants but still comfortable.

Unfortunately the server handed me a menu that had a bunch of sticky stuff on it.  I excused myself, cleaned up and didn't touch the menu again after that.  We all chose different items anticipating a little sharing when the meal arrived.  It didn't happen.  The food was wonderful and I think everyone just forgot about sharing the delicious food directly in front of their face for someone else's food that was a few more inches away from us!

We shared a Garlic Naan ($3.50) with a side of Raita ($1.95) to start the meal.  I love naan!  Its an incredibly good Indian comfort food and garlic makes it irresistible.  The server also brought out Papad to start off that meal at no charge.  Again, another good comfort food to start us out and whet our appetites.

I ordered the Andhra Chicken Curry ($15.95) with roasted chicken, coconut, poppy seeds and peppercorns.  Basmati rice is served on the side along with a tiny side salad sans the dressing.  The meal was hot and delicious.  The curry, which I ordered medium, was flavorful but not too 'hot'.  For some reason I didn't stop and take some home.  I should have instead of stuffing myself so full!

I did get a taste of one other entree - the Lamb Kolhapuri  ($17.95) featuring lamb with cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, red whole chili peppers, sesame seed, poppy seed and a touch of coconut.  The depth of flavor in this dish was amazing.  Its obvious by the ingredients that there is a lot going on and it didn't let us down.  Wonderful combination flavors intertwined together to make it work so well.

While the server didn't shed a whole lot of confidence and didn't offer great service, we still did not lack for anything.  She did a good job taking care of our needs.

I would definitely go back and dine at Cinnamon Kitchen again.  If I lived closer it would be a perfect take out restaurant as well.

Contact Information

Cinnamon Kitchen
(828) 575-2100
1838 Hendersonville Road
Suite 103
Asheville, North Carolina, 28803

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