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Asheville Bread Festival 2012 coming March 24

2012 Festival Announcement & Schedule
Written by Steve Bardwell

Please review schedule for new sessions and changes to some start times below.

Local artisan bakers will showcase their bread at the eighth Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers Festival on Saturday, March 24, 2012. This all-day event begins with a bread tasting and sale at the Magnolia Building on the A-B Tech campus in Asheville, NC from 10am to 2pm. Hands-on workshops and lectures will take place from 9am to 6pm at the same location.

The theme of this year's festival is “Local Grain, Local Flour, and Local Bread”; the festival will feature experts on local grain production, milling, and baking with local and heirloom wheat. Thom Leonard, a professional baker for more than 35 years, and currently a consultant for Heartland Mills, will be presenting workshops on milling and baking with local wheat. Professor Stephen Jones, a world-renowned wheat geneticist and breeder from Washington State University, will be lecturing on the local-grain movement and recent results in the breeding of organic grain and a perennial wheat.

In addition to Leonard and Jones, the festival will feature presentations on gluten-free, sugar-free baking by Peter Reinhart, baker and author of eight bread cookbooks, from Johnson & Wales University, and Jennifer Lapidus, director of the North Carolina Organic Bread Flour Project.

“Asheville and its surrounding area, with a very small population, supports more artisan bakeries than most states. The bakeries are all small but truly artisan in the purest sense of the word," Reinhart said.

This unique festival, the first of its kind in the southeast, has been overwhelmed with attendees for the past seven years. More than a dozen local artisan bakers will be showing, sampling and selling their bread this year.
For bread-enthusiasts who want to improve their baking skills, there will be many workshops and lectures at A-B Tech taught by Leonard, Reinhart, and several local bakers. Tickets are required for all the workshops.

The festival is being sponsored by the local bakeries, the Bread Bakers Guild of America, Slow Food Asheville, Lindley Mills (an organic flour mill in Graham, NC), the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.

10am – 2pm: Bakers’ showcase
Taste bread from 20 local, artisan bakeries. Meet the bakers. Buy a loaf of bread and get a ticket to a workshop. Local millers, cheese makers, and brick-oven builders will also be displaying their products. FREE and open to the bread-eating public.

1pm – 4:30pm: DAVE BAUER – baker, owner of Farm & Sparrow
Baking with Southern Rye: From Milling to Bread, Pastry, and Pasta We will mill up locally grown Wrens Abruzzi Rye from Old Fort, NC and make 100% Rye Pastry and 100% Rye Pasta in the brick oven at Farm and Sparrow Bakery.

A-B TECH MAGNOLIA BUILDING – entrĂ© kitchen New time: 2:00 – 3:30pm Noon - 1:30 Sharon Burns-Leader – baker, co-owner of Bread Alone Added Session! New TimePretzels and English Muffins Learn to make several popular small breads using local and whole grain flours.

1:00 – 2:30pm 12:00 – 1:30pm 2:00 - 3:30 : EMILY BUELHER – baker, author - New New Time
Hand Kneading for Beginners Learn to knead a basic loaf of bread! We'll make a simple recipe, and talk about the chemistry of the dough, ways to make kneading easier, and how to tell when the dough is "done." Then we'll discuss how to bake your dough when you get it home.

A-B TECH MAGNOLIA BUILDING – demonstration auditorium
2:00 - 3:30pm: PETER REINHART – author, baker – Johnson&Wales University New Time
New Frontiers in Baking: Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free Two fast growing sectors of the buying public are those with gluten-intolerance and, even larger, people struggling with diabetes and pre-diabetes. This demonstration will show the new techniques developed by Peter Reinhart and his co-author, Denene Wallace, for their upcoming book, designed to serve this market. This is a sneak preview of recipes that won't be published until mid-August!

Noon – 2:00: STEPHEN JONES – Washington State University, plant geneticist
Developing non-commodity wheats for local uses and flavors Based on Dr. Jones' 30 years of experience as a plant geneticist and grain breeder, the lecture will focus on the development of grains suited to local climate and soil – a process which involves farmers, millers and bakers to produce economic and uniquely flavored local products.

A-B TECH MAGNOLIA BUILDING – baking kitchen Note Schedule changes and added sessions
10am – 11:30: LIONEL VATINET – baker, owner La Farm Bakery - Added Session!
Ciabatta and Pizza Step back in time to learn the Old World methods that form the foundation of some of the best tasting Italian breads, including a Ciabatta to “WOW” the most discerning palettes. You will also learn to make two traditional handmade crusts for your pizzas at home, Traditional White, and Whole Wheat. Once you’ve mastered the crust, the sky is the limit and you can experiment with your own creations at home!

Noon - 2:00 1:30pm: THOM LEONARD – baker, flour consultant - New Time
A simple, hand-made pain au levain with local bolted flour Thom Leonard will share his 35 years of experience as a bread baker with a formula and detailed instructions on making the classic French naturally-leavened bread – pain au levain.

2:30 4:30pm 2:00 – 3:30pm: THOM LEONARD – baker, flour consultant New Time
Milling for the Home Baker: fresh flour from local grains Learn how to run a small, home-sized mill to make your own flour. Then, turn this flour into baked goods with the unique flavor and nutrition found only in freshly milled flour.

3:00 – 4:30 2:00-3:30pm: JEN LAPIDUS – baker, general manager, Carolina Ground Flour Mill New Time
STEPHEN JONES – Washington State University, plant geneticist
The mill at work! Come see Carolina Ground in action. In this workshop, Jennifer Lapidus will engage your sense of touch and smell as we look at the various grains and inspect the resulting flour. We will observe the mill at work-- producing both whole grain flour as well as a sifted flour. And in addition to the milling demonstration, Jennifer will discuss the experience thus far of working with regional growers and bakers. Participating in the conversation will be wheat breeder, Stephen Jones of Washington State University, and baker, Sharon Burns-Leader of Bread Alone Bakery. Workshop participants can take away a sample of local flour for baking at home.

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