Saturday, March 3, 2012

Asheville Food Trucks now have their own place to park at 'The Lot'

Gypsy Queen's Suzy Phillips
As of Friday, March 2, Asheville food trucks have a place in Asheville to call their own.  Following about a year long struggle to explain their point of view Asheville City Council granted food truck owners the ability to open downtown Asheville. 

The parking lot at 51 Coxe Avenue is located next to the bus station has been dubbed 'The Lot' by the truck vendors.

The first trucks to use the space were The Pink Taco Truck and the Gypsy Queen Cuisine.  Up to four trucks will be able to use the lot so there is room to grow!

The Pink Taco Truck
To keep up with what's happening - go to 'The Lot' Facebook page.



  1. I am coming to Asheville for visit cool.... I am a restauranteur , been on Diners, dives drive thrus and others , I have a food truck that I would like to get in to the lot, What has a guy got todo..? all paperwork etc. is up to date...

  2. Contact the City of Asheville and the Buncombe County Health Department for appropriate permits. The City of Asheville requires a permit for each food truck as well as a City Business License. In addition each food truck will need a Buncombe County Health Department permit.
    As far as getting on The Lot, try calling the following number from The Lot's FB page: (828) 707-6929.
    Good luck!