Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bongobongos Beach Bar at the Grand Plaza on St Pete Beach

On first night at the Grand Plaza and the sunset was magnificent. We decided to stay around campus and eat at Bongos to enjoy the extent of it. Honestly our expectations weren't that high – it’s called Bongos after all!

Bongos is part of the Grand Plaza in St Pete Beach with a prime spot on the beach. It has a few distinct areas.  The tables on the beach with a front row view of the ocean and sunset where you can squeeze the sand through your toes while you eat.  Then there are the stools at and surrounding the bar for the serious drinker but it’s raised so again a good view of the ocean and sunset.  For the music lovers there are relaxing sofas around the stage to have a cocktail and listen to live music (limited view of ocean and sunset).  For a little privacy there is a raised dining area with only a few tables but it is close to the stage so you can hear the music very clearly and of course it has a nice view of the ocean and sunset.  And finally there are the sofas and tables around the bar that are perfect for the group that is drinking and don’t care that there is an ocean or a sunset.

This last area is where our neighbors over dinner should have been.  They were drunk and loud and obnoxious by 7pm and continued to get worse from there.  Yes, it’s a bar – but common sense says that with all these families around with small children I shouldn’t be yelling obscenities for the entire beach to hear.  Management could have handled this one a bit better.

In spite of the drunken jerks mentioned above it was a very nice experience.  The sunset was truly spectacular, Jupiter and Venus were showing off very visibly beside the moon and our food was wonderful.

My wife chose the Beachside Burger ($10.) with a ½ pound of lean chopped sirloin topped with Swiss, Cheddar and Jack cheeses  with French fries of course – YUM.  I couldn’t decide so I ordered two appetizers.  The first was the Ahi Tuna ($11.) that is sesame seared and served rare with pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce and sriracha sauce.  The second was Pesto Mussels ($9.) that was ½ pound of mussels sautéed in white wine and house made pesto butter with toast points on the side.  We went with beer all the way through and were delighted with every one of our choices.

The food was fresh.  The flavors were perfect together.  The service was good.  The setting was exceptional.  The ocean was inviting.  The sunset was phenomenal.  The drunken jerks were annoying.

Overall, the best place we could have imagined to watch an incredible sunset and evening sky with beach music being played live directly behind us.

Contact Information
(727) 360.1811
5250 Gulf Blvd
St Pete Beach, FL 33706

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