Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games is a timely film for Asheville's foodie paradise

Its an interesting time for a popular book series called The Hunger Games to be created around Asheville, North Carolina - a city recently touted by Trip Advisor as one of the top ten food and wine destinations in the United States.

As the name implies, food is hard to come by.  The main character Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is a forest forager and survives off of her skills in the wild.  Asheville and Western North Carolina, known for its Foodtopian Society, eclectic food scene and Southern culture becomes a setting in the film known for its difficult living conditions and difficult to find sources of food.  The two concepts seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum.

The two are actually closely tied together.  The Southern Appalachian Mountains are home to a variety of folks very similar to Katniss.  After all, why else would the Foxfire book series be created in this region.  The variety of Farm to Table restaurants, Farmers' Markets and local farms are the reason Chefs like Mark Rosenstein opened restaurants featuring local fare.  Rosenstein, known as the grandfather of the area's local food movement, seems to connect wholeheartedly with the forest forager aspect of Katniss.  He has done so for years and even teaches people how to forage.

The movie has hit a nerve with locals in many ways.  Only a portion of this has to do with the movie stars that hung out in town for a while or the fact that the Hunger Games have put Asheville on the map one more time.  There is a connection to the root of the story and struggle for life and sustenance that the people in the movie as well as in real life have had to make.

If you haven't read the books, do so.  They are hard to put down.  As for the movie . . . I'm waiting for the aisles to clear a little before going, but I am going!

For those of you looking:

Filming locations for The Hunger Games (2012) in North Carolina (via
  • Asheville, NC (Arena scenes)
  • Charlotte, NC (Capitol scenes)
  • Concord, NC (Capitol scenes)
  • DuPont State Forest, NC
  • Hildebran, NC (District 12)
  • North Fork Reservoir, NC
  • Pisgah National Forest, NC
  • Shelby, NC (District 12)

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