Friday, April 13, 2012

Center for Environmental Farming Systems Director, Nancy Creamer, invites you to join her for Field Day at the farm in Goldsboro on May 3rd!

You might be familiar with our statewide local foods work, but do you know that central to CEFS work is a 2000 acre research facility in Goldsboro, North Carolina where many faculty and graduate students are conducting innovative sustainable and organic agricultural research in a variety of different crop and animal production systems. This research serves as the basis of much of what they do.

It has been a few years since CEFS has hosted a "Field Day" where they showcase the research going on.  Please consider joining them on that day.  The Field Day will be held on May 3, 2012 and will begin at 12:30 with registration (program beginning at 1:00 PM), and include a dinner after the tours at 5:30 (a great $10.00 value!).  They will also host two open houses that are pre-field day, beginning at 11:00 AM:   The first is at the integrated crop/animal certified organic Small Farm Unit, and the second focuses on the Community work in Goldsboro, NC.  For more information and to register (space is limited, registration required) go to:

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