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Meet Susi Gott Seguret and her Seasonal School of Culinary Arts - Asheville 2012

The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts just finished its eighth season on the campus of Warren Wilson College. From July 15-21, food and wine enthusiasts were able to dip into a heady hands-on experience of the best Asheville has to offer in matters of taste.

This year’s theme was “Cooking with Wine”, which means—you guessed it—all recipes were prepared with wine and enjoyed with yet again more wine. North Carolina vignerons (Shelton Vineyards, Stonefield Cellars, French Broad Vignerons) contributed some of their best emerging vintages, along with several of Asheville’s best wine purveyors, including the Asheville Wine Market, the Weinhaus, the Wine Studio, P. Comms Wines, and Veraison Wine Brokers among others.

Beef Bourgignon
The choice of chefs at whose elbows attendees rolled up their sleeves, hoping to capture a bit of their magic was enough to make any Ashevillian swoon.  Denny Trantham of the Grove Park Inn, Adam Hayes of the Grand Bohemian, Bill Klein of Bistro at Biltmore, Anthony Cerrato of Strada, Nate Allen of Knife & Fork, Stewart Lyon of Bocca, Jason Roy of LAB, Peter Fassbender of Season's, Mark Rosenstein of Green Opportunities, Michael Moore of The Admiral and Blind Pig Supper Club, Debby Maugans of Small Batch Baking, Diana Schmitt McCall of Black Mountain Community Gardens, Cynthia Pierce of Sweet Life Bakery, Sandra Harvey of Sandra Harvey Chef Designs, Susi Gott Seguret, France's Cordon Bleu, and more.

Eggs cooked in Pinot Noir
The week kicked off on Sunday, July 15th with an overview of wine throughout the ages down to present-day production in North Carolina, by the force behind the French Broad Vignerons, Chuck Blethen. Early morning hunting and gathering walks whet appetites, led by noted wild food experts Ian Robertson, Mark Brenner, Alan Muskat, Michael Gentry, and Marc Williams. Evenings were festooned with the sound of fiddles and harps, as Celtic Week was simultaneously in full swing.
Susi Gott Seguret with one of her assistants
The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts is a series of week-long, hands-on palate-training sessions with top chefs from around the world. Venues are in Asheville, Ithaca, Sonoma and Paris, all rich in their local markets and exceptional vineyards.

To inspire a new--and encourage an older--generation of home chefs to gather food consciously, treat it with skill and respect, and share it with passion, furthering the notion that the most important moments we spend are those partaken with friends and family around the table.

Company Overview
The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts offers week-long hands-on immersion in a variety of culinary experiences designed to awaken and broaden the palate, lead you closer to the source of the food you prepare, and provide you with a panoply of skills that will help you celebrate the ordinary in extraordinary fashion.

Sneak Peak at one of the events . . .

Susi Seguret and Mark Rosenstein
Friday Lunch with Mark Rosenstein with wines provided by Veraison Wine Brokers
Eggs Poached in Pinot Noir (mushroom and bacon in garnish)
Crisp Green Salad with Merlot Dressing
Jean-Luc Joillot Bourgogne Haute Cote de Beaune (blanc) 2010
The Chardonnay vineyards for this wine are just barely across the line and into the Haute Cote de Beaune. They are not far from the Clos des Mouches vineyard. This great location gives the wine its creaminess and body.
Tasting Notes
Medium-full bodied. Just enough oak to frame the pineapple and tropical fruit, along with cream, almond, hazelnut. Very nice balance.

Mark Rosenstein teaching in the kitchen
Boeuf Bourgignon (slow-cooked cubes of beef in wine sauce with mushrooms, carrots and onions)
Pommes de Terre a la Vapeur (steamed potatoes)
Francois Leclerc Gevrey-Chambertin 2009
Francois gives me right of first refusal to buy all of his wines. I usually take all he makes. Francois’ style is similar to his father’s style with emphasis on the fruit. Yet, he “americanizes” his wines a little. Those who enjoy American Pinot Noirs are usually very impressed with his wines.
Tasting Notes
Good color and concentration, with red fruits, berry, floral and earthy aromas. Nice character and expression of terroir.

Kevin Schwartz from Veraison Wine Brokers pouring wine - yes, you guessed it ... that is me!
Figs Cooked in Pinot Noir with Chartreuse
Polenta Almond Cake
Tortochot Morey-Saint Denis 2010
A portion of the grapes that go into this wine often come from Premier Cru vineyards. In essence, this is a “half Premier Cru” wine, which explains why it is so good. The exclusive Saveur Club in France tasted this wine and wanted all of it. Chantal knows that I move a lot of this wine; so Chantal called me and asked what to do. I told her to give them half of it and to give me the other half. Quite a limited and exclusive distribution for an excellent wine.
Tasting Notes
Medium-full, with nice cherry and dark strawberry fruit. Good length to the finish.

Figs cooked in Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir Turkish delight
Chocolate Raspberry Pinot Coffee

Turkish delight plus
For more information about participating in a future Seasonal School of Culinary Arts see the following contact information.
Seasonal School of Culinary Arts, LLC
PO Box 18462
Asheville, NC 28814

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