Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5Church creates dreamscape scene for a backdrop to eclectic menu

Executive Chef
Jamie Lynch has experience at 4-star restaurants such as Le Cirque, Café Boulud and Aureole.  Jamie left Barrington’s Restaurant in Charlotte’s South Park district.
Jamie’s Philosophy re-posted from the 5Church website.

Jamie aspires to express his love and passion for flavorful dining, comfortable ambiance, and pleasant hospitality.  He remarks that as the Executive Chef at 5Church he will, “develop new-American style, seasonal menus that reflect the purity of local products and advocates proper techniques of food preparation in a respectful manner.”  New-American style refers to an eclectic blend of multi-cultural flavors.
The Dinner Menu First Course ranges from $5 - $10 with soup, salad, mussels, gnocchi, flat bread and Indian spiced potato pierogies.
Steaks and Chops section featuring Niman Ranch pork chop, Bison strip steak, C.A.B. (Certified Angus Beef) NY Strip, 60 second NY Strip and American Kobe Flatiron.  Prices get a little steep at $25 - $40 but they each come with roasted potatoes and marinated tomato salad.
Main Courses are more affordable listed from $13 to $26 and offer a variety to suite many palates.  The NC Grouper arrives in tact and is broken down onsite.  The burger is made with lamb, the duck is served with mole, the salmon is smoked and roasted and the chicken is roasted and served crispy.  There’s more but you’ll have to check it personally.
Half a dozen sides are listed to purchase ala carte for $4 - $9 .  Again, an interesting variety including hand cut French fries, Maine lobster mac n cheese and edamame succotash (I just like saying that one!)
There is an unusual Snack section on the dinner menu as well ($3 - $12) with even more varied offerings.  Chickpea salad, Szechuan pork belly, crispy beet slider, quinoa tabbouleh, cheese selections and a charcuterie plate among the items the Chef prepares.
Romaine salad with 8 minute eggs and anchovy crostini
The Lunch Menu ($8 - $10) while less involved continues the Chef’s creative flow of culinary ideas.  You can choose from sandwiches, flatbreads, soups, salads, and sides with a few similar items from the dinner menu.
Chilled Asparagus with soft boiled quail eggs, arugula and house cured lox

Brunch ($8 - $14) is another matter altogether.  While it continues the philosophy of fresh products paired together it takes on a feel of its own.  The Belgium waffles are enhanced with chai tea syrup, a sunny side egg arrives topping a pizza and Shrimp & Anson Mills polenta feature bacon/tomato gravy.
Dining Room / Bar
The interior of the restaurant is draws the eye in every direction.  The detail is everywhere but doesn’t overwhelm you.  It’s a very large open space with very dramatic elements catching your eye at every turn.  The majority of the details are handmade to create the edgy dreamscape.
Interior from balcony
Lamps in the foyer have machine gun bases.  Concrete tales in the dining room are designed to appear as if they have tablecloths covering them.  Lamps with feathers, community tables eighteen feet long made from Himalayan oak, mirrors creating the illusion of additional space.  It’s fun, its edgy, it has vision.
Entrance and bar
The coup de grâce is the ceiling painted with the entire work of The Art of War.  More than 40,000 words from this classic were hand painted by local artist Jon Norris.  The project took over three months for him to complete.
The Art of War painted on ceiling
The Creators
Patrick Whalen, the operator.  Mills Howell, the designer.  Alejandro Torio, the marketer.
Concrete tables formed to look like tablecloth
It sounds like the beginning of some eclectic wise guy movie but these three brought their individual talents together to create one of the most exciting restaurant visuals in the region.  It truly feels large scale metropolitan – New York, San Francisco talented.  Each has a bio on the 5Church website to give a little more background.  But for now, just know that they are on the cutting edge of Charlotte.
Contact Info
(704) 919.1322
Entrance at the Corner of 5th and Church St.
127 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
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