Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Dining in Asheville and elsewhere in the Carolinas

Not everyone enjoys cooking or just don't have the time to make the big feast for the family.  Make your reservation now for your favorite Holiday dining spot.

The follow link takes you to Carolina Epicurean who does an incredible job keeping up with restaurants near and far to aid you in your Holiday dining search - Thank you!

Be sure to ask what's on the menu - some Chefs do not create a traditional Holiday meal.  Also, if there are special dietary needs be sure that they are noted on your reservation - mention them again to your server once you are seated.

Please remember to plan extra time to arrive as well as wait in line - some restaurants seat first come first served even with a reservation.  Have patience and plan ahead to occupy your family, especially the children.

Remember to be nice and to tip your service staff.  They are working during their Holiday to make your meal special.

Don't forget your camera!

Happy Holiday Dining!

Click here for the 2012 Holiday Dining Schedule from Carolina Epicurean.

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