Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chicken Salad Recipe

And you're not going to believe it but its chicken salad - with a kick!

So, my wife and I invited our godson over along with his best friend.  But we did this last minute and didn't make it to the store for the past several days.  The fridge and freezer did not offer a lot.

Rather than run out to the store we used what we had in the pantry - and they actually loved it, especially when we started to play around and work out a few varieties.

The winning combination was chicken salad on one of three different crackers with stone ground mustard and topped with a slice of jalapeño.  It really doesn't sound very good when you read it - it’s something you'll just have to try on your own.  As for the three crackers:
1) Townhouse Toppers Garlic and Herb Crackers - soft with a nice herb influence but not as good with the mustard, chicken salad, jalapeño combination.
2) Original Triscuit Cracker - great crunch and mouth feel but again not as good with the mustard, chicken salad, jalapeño combination.
3) Whole Wheat Ritz Cracker - The winning combo! - nice crunch but not too much, nice flavor without overwhelming the topping and unanimous decision was that it was the perfect cracker for the mustard, chicken salad, jalapeño combination.
 So we've decided it will be the top pick snack choice for the Super Bowl.

Chicken Salad Recipe (easy to make out of the pantry, only takes minutes)
Chicken (3 or 6 oz can - fresh if you happen to have it, we're going for ease and simplicity here)
(The rest of the ingredients are based on a 3 oz portion, increase as desired)
Prepared Mustard  ⅛ tsp
Worcestershire Sauce  5 drops
Lemon Juice  ⅛ tsp
Sweet Pickle Relish  1 TBLS
Mayonnaise  4 TBLS
Garlic Salt  ⅛ tsp
Black Pepper  ⅛ tsp

If using canned chicken, drain the chicken first.  Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.  If in doubt add what you are unsure about in little at a time.  Taste and adjust for your taste profile.

This will actually taste better if you let it sit for a while first  - place in a sealable container and put it in the fridge an hour or so before needing.  But rest assured that it tastes great as soon as you’ve mixed it.

NOTE:  This is about the same recipe we use for making tuna salad as well.  Maybe a little more lemon juice with the tuna though.

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