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The Grill House - A family favorite in North Myrtle Beach

We’ve been heading to Myrtle Beach for many years to enjoy the beach, pool side drinks and trying out new restaurants we find.  The Grand Strand is home to hundreds of restaurants, both chain and independent.  Since we already know what the chain will provide we look for good independent, mom and pop restaurants that interest us.  While we stay in North Myrtle Beach these days, we don’t let that interfere with where we need to drive to find the right spot.

Early on, years ago, we found a restaurant that we all loved but when we returned the following year it was gone.  We were disappointed but, nevertheless, we moved on and found one to take its place.  We never forgot that experience though.  A few years later when we drove up North, we noticed a restaurant by the same name.  Curiosity being what it is, we naturally drove into the Lowe’s Shopping Center on 2nd Avenue in North Myrtle Beach and were thrilled to find our missing restaurant.  They moved to a larger location.

Well, its family tradition to make an annual pilgrimage to The Grill House.  Sometimes we’ll have dinner there twice while in town!  There’s a large menu with plenty to choose from that looks wonderful but there is not a lot of changes to what we order.  Most of the table centers around two items that they eat but when in season I like to order the Oysters Rockefeller to begin the meal.

Grill House Bread
Each entrée includes a choice of two sides to go with it as well as Grill House Bread.  Sides really go all over the place for what is ordered but one of the highlights of this meal is the Grill House Bread that the server drops off during the meal.  We usually get a couple refills of it besides.  We call it garlic greasy bread which may sound like a disparaging term to others – to us it’s just a slice of heaven waiting to be eaten!  I can gorge myself on greasy bread alone and die a happy man.
Grill House Sides:
Baked Potato                  2.25
Roasted Potatoes            1.99
Rice of the Day               1.99
Grill House Potato           2.25
       Mashed potatoes with two cheeses rolled in bread
       crumbs, and then deep fried until golden brown.
Seasoned Fries                1.99
Grill House Bread            1.99
       Fresh bread brushed with garlic butter and flat grilled.
Vegetable of the Day       1.99
Dinner Salad                    3.99

House Dinner Salad
The two entrée choices that I mentioned earlier are Grilled Pork Chops (8 oz. – 1 for $10.99 and 2 for $17.99).  The Chop is grilled with a scrumptious blend of seasoning that makes every bite sing, especially with greasy bread as an encore.  One is really enough, however, I often forget and order the two chop meal.  This pays off by providing a happy lunch of leftovers the following day in the condo.

Grilled Pork Chop
The second item is the Grilled Ribeye (8 oz. – 1 for 17.99 and 2 for 21.99).  While not the thickest ribeye around, the Grill House culinary team knows how to make it takes its part in the happy meat duet.  (Really not sure why it’s making me think of singing but go along with me this one time.)

I understand dessert is quite good at The Grill House but we’ve never saved room to check on that for ourselves.  Hopefully, you’ll do better with your meal planning than we do.

Contact Information
The Grill House
(843) 249-3033
228 2nd Avenue North
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29582
The Grill House

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