Friday, October 18, 2013

A wonderful pairing featuring Patriarche Meursault Genevrieres Premier Cru 2008

I opened a bottle of Domaine Patriarche Genevrieres Meursault Premier Cru 2008 for my wife’s birthday recently.  Since she asked me to cook her fried pork chops, we had a little bit of an unusual pairing for this Grand Cru of Meursaults.  I thought it would be striking together and I was right.  Happy Birthday Baby!

The pork chops are a Southern style that adds a little spice to the dish.  If you want to see the pork chop recipe, click here.  The full body, rich texture and round fruit of the Meursault completed the pairing like that’s what the producer Alain Patriarche envisioned – something tells me that probably isn’t the case though.  This is a wine and producer that you have to know more about so let me indulge you about this man and his wine.

Photo op with the Patriarche family
The key word for Alain is PASSION.  The man is passionate about Meursault, one of the most famous white wine towns in the world.  He is passionate about Chardonnay, which he feels gains its greatest expression in the Cote de Beaune region of Burgundy.  He is passionate about quality wine making and “les grands vins de Meursault”, which he likes to share with loyal friends.
Alain says that the quality of a great wine owes nothing to chance.  The soil in his well-situated vineyards must be environmentally maintained.  The vines must be worked and harvested by hand only.  Only the highest quality fruit is chosen for the wines.  Then, the winemaking process is watched every step of the way with complete respect for the traditions with which the great Chardonnays from Meursault have always been made.
His family has been making wine in Meursault since 1830.  The entire estate is simply Alain, his wife (Christiane), his two daughters, and one son in law – a true family affair.  Alain's granddaughter, Clotilde, is being groomed as the 7th generation winemaker in this talented family.
Without hesitation, Alain states that his wines are food wines.  That is, they are made to go with a meal.  Burgundy has one of the greatest food reputations in the world and Alain makes his wines to complement each course of a dinner.  He says that when you share time with friends, you should punctuate that time with great food and great wines.
Alain’s motto is “Qui boit du Meursault, ne vit ni ne meurt sot!”  Translated, this motto says that whoever drinks great wines from Meursault will neither live nor die a fool.  In French, it is a play on words.  Please enjoy the wines of Alain Patriarche … with passion.

The village of Meursault with the Genevrieres vineyard at the right of the map
Alain Patriarche Genevrieres Premier Cru
The Grand Cru of Meursault.  Shows wonderfully when young and then only gets better.
Tasting Notes
What can you say - an elegant wine that is layered, complex, textbook Meursault.  It is fragrant with lemon cream, white peach, nut, vanilla, toasted almonds and brioche with the characteristic mineral streak running through the heart of the palate.
Age of Vines:  60
Cases Made:  100
% of New Oak Barrels:  50%

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