Saturday, October 12, 2013

Great Experience at Janitzio Mexican Restaurant in Hendersonville

Isla of Janitzio
Janitzio is a unique Mexican restaurant in Hendersonville.  With so many Mexican restaurants around it’s hard for one to stand out in the crowd, but that’s exactly what Janitzio does!  It is named after the Isla of Janitzio, a small island in Lake Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán, Mexico.  At the highest point of the island is a 40 meter statue of José María Morelos who was a hero of Mexico’s independence.  Moreloa is an interesting, as well as unique, standard bearer for the local Janitzio.

The restaurant opened in 2004 and resides in what looks to have been an old Western Sizzlin’ building.  The outside façade may not be very impressive or distinctive, it’s what happens inside that makes the difference.  The interior feels more open and spacious than most Mexican restaurants.  Interestingly, we also noticed a variety of peppers laid out to dry while waiting to be taken to our table.  The place was busy but not packed with plenty of staff.

Intaceo, the owner, greeted us and took us to our table.  He also stopped by the table a few times during our meal.  He is very friendly and personable, obviously looking to make our experience the best it can be.  He is also funny making jokes with us as we opened up with him.  He does a great job training the staff because each one we saw made us feel welcome and at home. 

Once the chips and salsa arrived we went up to the salsa bar to see what else might interest us.  Unfortunately, they weren’t marked so it was a guessing game on what we chose.  Not to worry because we found some really good ones.  Intaceo stopped by when we got back to our table with them and identified them for us.  The five that hit home for me were:  Sour Cream, Parsley, Serrano Pepper, Spicy Peanut and Habanero – listed from low to high heat.

My wife ordered the Chimichangas ($8.99) and loved them.  These came with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and tomato, Mexican rice and refried beans.  The guac was a hit tasting smooth and very fresh.  The chicken in the Chimichangas was flavorful and the shells had a satisfying crispy crunch to them.

I ordered the Enchiladas Blanco ($7.99) which came with Mexican rice, refried beans and topped with grilled peppers and pineapple.  The grilled peppers and pineapple were a terrific addition to the enchiladas and set them off perfectly.  The flavors were so fresh and mouthwatering that I would count these as some of the best enchiladas that I’ve ever eaten.

Janitzio is a knockout for me and I definitely recommend them to you.

Contact Information
Janitzio Mexican Restaurant
(828) 692-2474
1053 Spartanburg Hwy
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792

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