Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jean-Luc Joillot Crémant de Bourgogne - My sparkling wine choice for the Holidays!

Looking for the right bubbly to host with during the Holidays?  Look no further.  Jean-Luc Joillot Crémant de Bourgogne is the one you want.  It’s made in Burgundy using the same methods as Champagne using the same grape varietals as Champagne but at a fraction of the cost of Champagne.  But that’s not even the best reasons why I like this sparkling wine.

It’s because the Joillot Crémant is simply a fantastic bubbly at a fraction of the cost of more expensive Champagne!!!

Jean-Luc in the barrel cellar
Let me tell you a bit more about Jean-Luc Joillot and his incredible Crémant.

Jean-Luc Joillot lost his father at the young age of 10 and his mom concentrated on their nursery while keeping the estate in trust.  Jean-Luc began running the Domaine when he turned 21 and soon began making changes and enlarging the vineyard holdings.  These days Jean-Luc can be considered the “Diaper Dandy” of Pommard.  He is in his fifties with the experience of a winemaker in his late 60’s or in his 70’s who has retired or is about to do so.

Using time-honored Burgundian techniques, his fervor and vitality are evident in his hardy wines.  Jean-Luc with wife Lydia and three workers complete all the work from the vineyard work to bottling the wine.  A small operation where all put their passion into what they produce.  Jean-Luc readily admits, “I put my heart in every bottle.”

The Crémant is made from 70% Pinot Noir (grown in Pommard) and 30% Chardonnay.  The Pommard Pinot imparts more depth of character to the wine.  It is made méthode Champaenoise which is the traditional method used in making Champagne where the wine goes through a second fermentation inside the bottle creating the bubbles.

While entry tier Champagne will see 15 months on the lees, the Joillot Crémant is aged for over 16 – 18 months.  In blind taste tests, it is often chosen over the house cuvée of major Champagnes.  It delivers a lot at half the cost of Champagne.  Total production is only around 1,000 cases.  This is tiny compared to international standards.

The Crémant is a medium golden straw color with fine pinpoint bubbles.  It is full-bodied with a yeasty aroma with tones of buttered brioche.  The wine tastes complex with a creamy mousse, bright citrus, green apple and a bright minerality.  The finish is clean and refreshing.

Food pairings with this Crémant range from basic to festive such as pistachios, fresh fruit and salads to oysters, shellfish, crabcakes, pâté, roast chicken and light to medium flaky fish with remoulade.

Of course, just open a bottle for a celebratory toast because it’s a beautiful day is perfectly acceptable too.  Whatever the reason, ask for this Crémant de Bourgogne at your favorite wine shop.  Don’t forget that you usually get a discount when buying by the case – so stock up for the Holidays!

Jean-Luc Joillot Crémant de Bourgogne

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