Monday, October 28, 2013

The Brick Oven Pizza Encounter at West First Wood-Fired

Where to eat in Hendersonville when you’re on your way to the Flat Rock Playhouse?  Well, for pizza loving folks like my wife and I we had to try out the much talked about West First Wood-Fired Pizza.  We arrived early anticipating a busy night since it was a weekend but we were still surprised by the wait at the door regardless.  I mentioned to the host that we needed to get in quickly so we could make the show but I don’t think that did much good.  I’m sure everyone there wanted to have their experience but still make it somewhere else on time.

The wait really wasn’t too bad and the server did her best to oblige us as well.  We took the time while waiting for our table to decide on dinner.  For me that is a tough ordeal since I believe that every second you have prior to the server writing down the order is available for me to change my mind.  This drives my wife crazy at times but she knows that I have difficulty making up my mind with so many choices that look good.

This also gave us some time to admire the d├ęcor of West First.  The modern urban feel of the design along with the paintings, contemporary stained glass windows and colorful tiled oven all come together to capture your eye and your imagination.  While open and seemingly simple, the feel takes you out of Hendersonville, North Carolina to a modern Mediterranean bistro.  It must be a sign of good things to come.

I ordered the small Greek Salad ($5.50) which lands outside the normal Greek salad experience.  Tomato, cucumber, feta, peppers and red onion but also dolmas and egg wedges on organic field greens with a “ziki” dressing.  This is not the typical Greek salad and suggests that there may be more to Greek salads than we’ve been led to believe all these years.  You have to try this to see what I mean!

In anticipation of our pizzas, I should mention that West First Wood-Fired was born out of The Flat Rock Village Bakery.  A bakery known for organic brick oven breads, house-made pastries, wood-fired pizzas among other delectables.

The pizzas are produced using 30% whole wheat in the dough and made by hand.

I ordered the 9” Greek Chicken Pizza ($7.50) which included roasted chicken, kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, feta and fresh oregano.  Apparently it was a Greek kind of night for me.  I liked the ‘chunky’ ingredients on this pizza; they made the flavors sort of pop more while eating it.  The pizza crust was good with a crisp crust from the brick oven gratifyingly bringing it all together.

My wife order the 9” Margherita Pizza ($7.) with fresh mozzarella and sweet basil on a crushed tomato sauce.  The aroma was wonderful and the savory taste of this pie was outstanding.  My wife did request the addition of sausage (West First uses Prosciutto di Parma to make it very unique) which worked very well with this pizza.

This was a very tasty meal to set the stage for our performance at the Playhouse.  The server worked her magic and we made it to our seats in plenty of time before the lights dimmed.

I highly recommend West First Wood-Fired – you won’t regret a thing.

Contact Information
West First Wood-Fired Pizza
(828) 693-1080
101 First Ave West
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792

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