Monday, January 6, 2014

Gabriel Jouard Chassagne-Montrachet Les Baudines Premier Cru 1979

Recently friends came over for dinner and the Jouard Chassagne-Montrachet Les Baudines 1er Cru was the highlight of our evening.  Besides, of course, a memorable evening with people we love.  The wine is from my wife’s birth year which made it all that more special for us.  We started with a variety of cheeses which led into the main course, an herbed pork loin with truffled bordelaise.  Wow, what a combo!  We thoroughly reveled in our dinner and the pairing.

The label from this producer now includes his son Paul but this is a wine that Gabriel made prior to his son joining him in the business in 1992.  The 1979 vintage was large (in quantity) for white Burgundies like 1982 but is known as being intense with finesse and having better acidity than the ‘82s, holding up well as they age.  While Gabriel passed away in 2003, Paul continues to make excellent wine and for more about Paul, click here.

The vineyard of Les Baudines is positioned high on the slope South of Chassagne-Montrachet toward Santenay.  The vineyard is East-facing with a light and very well drained soil comprised largely of clay and chalk.

The 1979 Jouard Chassagne-Montrachet Les Baudines was a glistening golden hued Chardonnay with a luxuriant nose of honeyed almonds, ripe peach and white floral and spice notes.  This 34 year old beauty retained an unexpected level of acidity balanced well with lightly toasted honeyed almonds, rich creamy floral notes, hints of white pepper and a long finish that was very satisfying.

I love good wine and this Chassagne-Montrachet is a great example of why I do!

From the portfolio of Veraison Wine Brokers.

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