Monday, June 23, 2014

Divine Wine & Beer is Open - My new business in East Asheville

Divine Wine & Beer in East Asheville is what has been keeping me up late and the reason I just have not had time to post on Asheville Foodie.  This is the long awaited announcement that should help explain my absence online.  I hope that you forgive me and stay tuned.  If all goes well, I should be able to begin a more consistent posting schedule again.

The blog will not change except that I'll be posting wine and beer reviews on a new blog named Asheville Wine Lovers.  It isn't up yet but if you want to like the page on Facebook you'll be the first to know when its off the ground.

No, this will not become a hot bed of advertising.  I haven't used ads over the last seven years and I don't plan on it now.  I will do an occasional post to keep you in the loop with what I'm doing at the store.  I'll put the menu for Divine Wine & Beer in a post this week for you to check it out.  I will add a banner or ad for Divine Wine & Beer to the blog but it will not be the focal point of the blog.

So, let me tell you what Divine Wine & Beer is all about...

After leaving the Grove Park Inn when they were purchased, I opened a wine brokerage and ran that the last two years.  Its a great company with some fantastic brands but the more successful the brokerage gets the more I have to travel out of town - especially on weekends.

For those that don't know, my wife is the Assistant Pastor of our church and will be taking over as Pastor from her father in the next several years.  I really want to be part of that and so I realized that I needed to do something other than the wine brokerage.  Two days later, something new presented itself.
That was three months ago.
On Monday, June 23, 2014, Divine Wine & Beer will open for business.  I am opening a Retail wine and craft beer store in East Asheville.  Along with the retail operation we will offer a wine and beer bar featuring some pretty amazing wines and beers by the glass.  Paired with this will be a limited small plate menu showcasing food produced at farms from around the region.  We will also offer local products and local gift baskets as well as picnic baskets for all your gift and adventure outing needs.  These will be available through our online store by August 1.  One last element will be a variety of classes and tastings that we offer each week.  Yes, we'll have wine and beer tastings and dinners but we will also offer cooking classes, wine/beer educational classes, mixology classes, home soap making classes, and more.  No doubt the last class surprised you - stop by to find out more!

This happened in some ways very slowly but in many ways very very quickly.  God is so good to have put item after item in place for us to do this.  We are grateful beyond measure.  Please keep us in your prayers with our new venture.

... and stop by the store.  We're on Tunnel Road in East Asheville (address and contact information is below).

I need your help in letting people know about Divine Wine & Beer.  So please like the Divine Wine & Beer FB page and share it with your friends and family that will be interested in it as well.

Contact Information
Divine Wine & Beer
(828) 505.8875
1011 Tunnel Road #110
Asheville, North Carolina 28805


  1. I really hope that I'm not commenting too often, but I just wanted to say congratulations on opening your own store! This is such a big step, but I can tell that you have a lot of passion for what you do. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this exciting venture.

  2. Steve, you're not commenting too often. Love the feedback.
    Thanks for comments, look forward to meeting you in the store!

  3. Kevin,
    I came across your blog by accident some time ago doing some digging into family history. I am sure I'm related to you distantly, but not sure where the connection is. Our grandfather's have the exact same name, but they aren't the same person. :) Both were Amish and mine lived and died in Sturgis, MI where your grandmother seems to be from. So the connection is probably closer through her.
    My husband and I are headed to Asheville, from Nashville, today and I thought I'd send a message to a foodie cousin just for fun. If we are only in Asheville for a few days, where do we HAVE to eat? I need to peruse your blog more, and maybe I can on the road, but right now I'm packing.

    1. Hey Cuz! Seems like it must be the same grandparents, connection is too close to be otherwise. But, we'll have to compare parents and figure it out.
      Asheville has so many good choices! For Italian, try Strada; Spanish Tapas - Curate; Mexian - Papas & Beer; French - Bouchon; New Southern - Seven Sows; Steak & Seafood - Blackbird; Plain ole good food - Cafe Azalea (next to me); Small Plate - Divine Wine & Beer (my place!). That's a good start. I could keep going so if there is anything in particular you're looking for let me know.

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  5. Thanks! That's awesome. We'll be looking into those suggestions for sure.

    I snooped a little and plugged your name into facebook. We have some mutual friends up in St. Joe County, that we are probably both related to. Rosa Chupp being the one I'm most fond of. :) I just saw her last month on a visit up there.

    1. Your welcome.
      Rosa is my first cousin. Her dad and my dad were brothers - they're parents (my grandparent) were John P and Barbara Schwartz.